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Preparation of preliminary ground data within 24 hours after drilling according to client's request!

the Geology of the site allows you to assess the geological conditions of the site, and explore all of its geological characteristics which are necessary for the preparation of project documentation and construction work. During the geological surveys carried out work aimed at studying the types and properties of soil in the survey area. The basis for these works are conducted early geological surveys.

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Geology, Engineering Geology, Geology of the site, the cost of geological surveys, Geology, soils, integrated engineering surveys, soil testing

soil testing should be implemented in order to further the real estate object was strong and durable. Soil testing provides data that make possible to determine whether the soil is suitable for what would be on it to build various buildings. The company Guild Engineering will perform geological surveys efficiently and on time, regardless of their complexity. Research should be carried out only after the site has been subject to detailed geological survey.

Laboratory tests are performed to determine the characteristics and properties of soil. These include physical and chemical properties, classification of soil, indicators of its strength. These data are very important and have great value in making design decisions, perform all necessary engineering calculations for foundations and bases. What is the volume and composition to carry out laboratory works are respectively the appointment of the engineering-geological investigations.

Geology, Engineering Geology

the results Geology land we provide information about the properties and characteristics of rocks in the subsurface of the study area, and processes of technogenic-geological character, occurring at depths that can reach 10 meters. Also we will provide a report on the forecast of how your new erected building or structure will affect these natural processes in the earth's crust in the process of construction and operation. Geotechnical investigations should be carried out even in the case where they were held 30 years ago. The designer using the data provided in the technical report on geological works shall take the necessary decisions on the constructs and capabilities development.  from Here we can conclude that Geology must be done at pre-design stage.  the research included:

Geology, soils, integrated engineering surveys
  • the collection and analysis of materials of old age and more extensive research areas with drilling depths up to 100 meters
  • definitions on the topographical plan building footprint, examination and learning geodetic materials (in the absence of materials we are pleased to perform a topographic survey 1:500). Surveying is needed to determine altitude  marks  wellheads, to become familiar with underground utilities, networks, elevation;
  • selection of drilling equipment and technologies;
  • directly to the drilling engineering-geological boreholes initial diameter of 125 mm, our drilling equipment is mobile, and can perform drilling in all conditions. The drilling takes about 5 hours, and can be  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round, at a time convenient for you;
  • sampling of undisturbed soil structure, in special containers for transport to the laboratory;
  • sampling 1.5 liters of water from the well;
  • the study of physical, mechanical and chemical properties of  these samples to a certified laboratory;
  • the formation of a scientific and technical report with recommendations and warnings of dangerous processes for your new construction and maintenance. Each the report must contain the following data about soils: settling,  the grading, density of soil, humidity breeds, specific cohesion, plasticity index, fluidity, compressive strength, porosity, boundary strength, angle of internal friction, modulus of deformation.

the Number of wells and their depth is determined at the familiarization with the technical specifications. Their number is influenced by the size, type, destination, and number of floors of the future building.

This information will be key to determining the value of Geology. Often designers, ordering of complex engineering surveys, announce that they  for the calculation of the Foundation of the  desired three wells on 10 meters, the design will be, and then  build  the Elevator is 10 thousand tons, we calculate the value of Geology.

the cost of geological survey effect:

  • the number of linear meters of drilling (3X10=30)
  • the number of test specimens (we select samples when changing layers in the sole and roof, as well as each meter if the reservoir does not change, the average change of 3 layers, the samples need to test 12 from each well)
  • the remoteness of the object from  the nearest office of the company;
  • if wells more than 3, then the price will grow for the preparation of the geotechnical report

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the Preparatory phase

  • Choice of drilling equipment.
  • Definition of terms.
  • Accurate calculation of the cost.

Field studies

  • check Out the drilling crew.
  • Drilling.
  • samples of soil structure.

Laboratory tests

  • Investigate in the laboratory the samples obtained.

Laboratory investigation

  • Develop a technical report on geological researches.

Getting results

  • Transfer documents.
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the Most frequent questions on the service, the Geology of the site

What is the cost of service for Geology?

To order the service, I you need to understand:
  • Location of plot surveys for the study of soils for design (will clear the ground and the initial hydro-geological conditions for the selection of machines);
  • what is the purpose of the necessary geological work (for construction of a private house, an industrial facility, reconstruction and so on)
  • Options for the future of the building (number of floors, presence of a basement, the building's purpose and its size, and the total building area)
  • the availability of the actual topographic survey for the entire site;
  • Technical task from the designers with the number of wells, their depth (optional).

What's included in the complex of works on the study of Geology on the site?

The price includes:
  • the study of the geological structure of the area of survey;
  • visit by a group of specialists to the site with all necessary equipment;
  • Drilling exploratory holes to the desired depth with a given diameter;
  • the Selection of core samples - soil samples of undisturbed structure, disturbed each meter, as well as changing layers of rocks in the roof and the ground layer;
  • HotBot groundwater;
  • delivery of samples to the laboratory;
  • Laboratory analysis of soil, rock and groundwater;
  • Compilation of engineering-geological report on the conduct of research in your area for further construction.

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