Geology Zaporozhye

The company Guild Engineering manufactures geological surveys for the construction and reconstruction of real estate objects, the Zaporozhye region and area. In complex geological work included the drilling of wells up to a depth of 10 meters, laboratory reporting for the further calculation of the design and Foundation

Our company has long specialized in providing geological services of any scale. We conduct geological surveys and on a blank portion, which is prepared under construction. We also work with rekonstrueerimise objects. One of these is depot Left the station, Zaporozhye street Electric. Here was conducted geological research, which formed the basis for the reconstruction of the railway depot. On the basis of those data, which were extracted during the survey, developed the plan of reconstruction. The new project includes all the features of the area, where the object is located. Thus, with the application of engineering Geology managed to find the most optimal way of work and the most appropriate building materials. The scope of works also included surveys of concrete structures in terms of their verticality and alignment. At the facility were assigned Supervisory brand for tracking the displacements and deformations of the structure.

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Geological work on the site anyway. They are especially common during construction in order to properly perform the project of the Foundation of the building, as well as to calculate the necessary number of construction materials for him. In addition, the Geology can be conducted not only at the site where the planned development, but also in places where you must pass reconstruction work. This can be any object or group of objects of different purpose and scope. Regardless of which site is a construction site or place of reconstruction - made geological work, they have one common goal. This study aimed at studying the territorial features of the area. In the process of its implementation specialists receive information, which gives an idea about the plot and need to ensure that you can correctly perform all work associated with the construction or reconstruction. Such information may be soil analysis on the subject of its interaction with different materials, metals. Also studied the degree of hazard of the natural factors that can affect the reliability and stability of the structure and, consequently, on human life. To get the most accurate and reliable information, it is necessary to conduct a series of studies and analyses, which include the multilateral analysis of soil structure, soil, and groundwater.

Geology Zaporozhye

Geological survey can be a different scale. All depends on the purpose of the analyzed site that will be built or for what purposes will run reconstruction. Perhaps it will be the object that require extra attention and more responsibility. Also, the method of conducting geological surveys depends on the size of the area, the availability and quality of previously conducted similar studies.

Important factors when selecting the type and scope of work are themselves geological terrain features - the degree of the problematical character of the land in the study area, types of soils and their characteristics, composition, and depth of groundwater, geological activity.

Geology Zaporozhye

After holding geological surveys, we provide our clients with a technical report. Depending on what format you need it, we can all materials be issued either in graphical form or in electronic. All documentation shall be in accordance with the requirements specified in legislative normative documentation. This report contains in itself all the necessary data that you will need when choosing the type, depth and the required size of the Foundation. But is not confined to this technology report. It is also useful to determine the dimensions of the supporting structures of buildings, which will be located underground.

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