misconception that exploration is only required when mineral deposits. Exploration no less important in the beginning of the construction process. Exploration is a part of the first phase of construction.

geological survey

As the results of opinion polls, more than half of respondents would prefer to live in the cottage, and most want to see that he was not bought and built from scratch. This is not surprising, it is possible to plan the placement of rooms, number of floors, building area and more. When you select the area where you intend to erect a building, it is necessary to conduct geological and geodetic surveys, which can be used to determine whether the area is suitable for construction. In addition, the findings of the exploration fastened documented in the project documentation. Without them it is impossible to obtain project approval and construction permit.

Price of execution of geological works from 350 UAH per square meter

exploration is a complex of works among which geodetic survey, geological studies, drilling, soil samples. How exactly certain depth of soil freezing, soil bearing capacity, the level and nature of groundwater depends on the reliability and durability of construction. Using the obtained data is calculated design and construction of the Foundation.

Professional run exploration area can only experts who, in addition to specific skills and abilities also have extensive experience in exploration. These are employees of the Engineering Guild. In their work they use only the latest technology, which allows for exploration work quickly and get the most accurate data. Do not skimp on Geology, as  the consequences of hindsight will cost you much more than the services of professional geologists. Apart from geological analysis should take into account the slope of the topography, availability of utilities, the position to the adjacent areas and buildings that are posted.

geological survey

Building Foundation should be given due attention, especially in attractive areas near water bodies, as often in this case, part of the Foundation is located on loose surfaces, and the other part on tight. This can create additional problems, as the intensity of rainfall at different locations will be different. And for anybody not a secret that the difference of precipitation has a negative impact on the Foundation that leads to such consequences as its destruction, to the cracks in the walls and so on. So exploration in construction plays an important role. If you need to carry out exploration of the site, contact the specialists of the Engineering Guild that will perform as a separate geological work, and the whole complex of geological work qualitatively and in time.

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