To reliably determine the geological conditions on a particular plot of land on which you plan any construction, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive geological study. They will not only assess those conditions, but studying the geological characteristics that are important for the development of design documents and subsequent construction work. But the geological construction will not be high quality, if not to conduct exploration work, whose main purpose is to study the types of soils and their physico-mechanical properties.

What to do if you lost the certificate for a plot

What you need to carry out exploration work?

That building was erected for many years, you need to order geological surveys to competent professionals. First, they analyze archival documents, which contain the materials of previous studies. Exploration provide the opportunity to obtain accurate and reliable information on bearing capacity of soil in a particular area, where it is planned the construction of any object. Such studies should be conducted irrespective of the size and complexity of the project: they will provide data on the soil structure of the site, which will facilitate the proper selection of type of Foundation.

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Exploration is an effective way to determine what construction can be done securely on the area allocated for construction. Also, they allow you to take a decision on the type of construction. Therefore, to ignore the exploration is not only dangerous, but economically not profitable: all work can be done in vain, because the construction time can deform or even collapse. Moreover, without findings in the project documentation of qualified geologists, engineers, unable to legally obtain a permit to start construction, and in the future − to introduce the facility in operation.

The process of exploration

After specialists will be collected and studied all stock documentation, comes the turn of the subsequent stages of geological surveys:

a field survey. These works include reconnaissance, as well as studies of natural outcrops; testing of various types include point research natural outcrops and near-surface layers. At this stage, samples are collected of soil, water; accurate analysis (laboratory) of samples; laboratory work. Preparation of technical documentation, with the obligatory conclusions of geological-economic assessment of the potential object. Customer recommendations and forecast of possible changes of geological environment.

After exploration works were performed in full, all the data that was obtained through biseparating geological survey, are carefully processed and checked by professionals. And only after this is complete technical documentation.

The company "Guild Engineering" has extensive experience in conducting such works. The company employs only highly skilled professionals who can quickly and efficiently carry out all the necessary research. Rest assured that your land will be really properly carried out the necessary exploration work with a full account of the applicable standards, laws and requirements. Our engineers and geologists are able to implement the necessary work at the right time, regardless of complexity and scale. Call us at the numbers listed on our website and our skilled professionals will be able to answer all of your questions, as well as quickly execute the statement on the execution of the geological works.

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