Geometric leveling

Each building can be compared to a large company where everyone works with one goal in mind: to get a quality result. But over time, as a result of the peculiarities of natural conditions and human activities, each building or some of its elements may be subject to certain deformations. This can be a definite change of shape of the structure or other change of an object's position − displacement or subsidence, which must be promptly recorded by professionals. Therefore, to conduct special monitoring of all changes in the positions of structures relative to the initial, is extremely important and is of great importance in order to prevent the destruction of the object.

Geometric leveling

One of the most effective methods of such a quality control is geometric leveling and geodetic survey of the area. It is conducted with the main objective to determine the height of ground points that will help to establish occurred in the subsidence of buildings, and to establish indicators of changes in time. Also, it runs when it is important to obtain an accurate topographic plan of a certain area, creating projects, in the construction and operation of various engineering structures, roads and even railway tracks.

The importance of geometric leveling

Such an important observation of high-precision geometric leveling is needed with the start of construction of the object: only then the construction will be thorough, safe and durable. Depending on the design of constructed facilities and the type of soil in the area, monitoring may be conducted at a certain time, only if the construction or last for the entire period of operation (if the deformation does not stop over time). The only way to prevent an emergency situation. For if the soil under the weight of the object all the time settle unevenly, there can be a roll, shear, deflection, and even the gap structures.

Cost of leveling from 3 500 UAH per 100 meters

The types of geometric leveling

There are two main types of such study:

  • forward (in this case, the level is set so that its eyepiece was placed over the point A);
  • from the middle (most often used in the construction of the instrument set at equal distances from the rods set at points A and B).

Regardless of type, geometric leveling is the exact definition of the difference between the heights of two points with horizontal sighting beam of view.

Also, geometric leveling is forgive and complex: in the first case you just need to install the device and take readings at points A and B. for complex leveling must rearrange the level to determine the excess between the desired points a few times.

What are the tools used for geometric leveling?

In order to conduct a qualitative geometric leveling, there is a special geodetic instrument level with it, and special rails are taking all the necessary measurements. Geometric leveling is impossible without this opto-mechanical device.

According to the design, the classic levels can be divided into the following types:

  • with auto compensator;
  • with a cylindrical level round pipe;
  • electronic.

Also, levels are different, class of precision: technical, precise and accurate. The place where you set the level on a special stand, called the station: from here it is possible to remove the counts in several strips located at different points.

If you care about the future of facilities that are going to build, you need to order the leveling of various types. It is best that this work was carried out by qualified specialists of the company LLC "Guild Engineering". We are ready to do any leveling at the highest professional level.

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