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the geophysical basis of the plot is a schematic representation of the studied area with detailed indication of all the objects located within it. the Geological needed for a successful design of new engineering structures or detecting the location of communication lines. Unlike terrestrial portion of the communications which is visible. The location of the underground part of communication networks it is almost impossible to figure out not using this special equipment. In this case it is better to enlist the help of experienced surveyors, such as employees of the company LLC "Guild Engineering". Our craftsmen specialize in the implementation of engineering-geodetic and engineering-geological surveys. The list of activities is quite large, however, we are able to solve almost all the issues that need surveying work.

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Geological site

Geological site can be obtained only after carrying out topographic surveying. The variety of topographic and geodesic works begins with a problem statement and agree on the deadlines of the assigned tasks and other details with customer. After that our staff treated all of the available information and break in the study area geodetic observation network. Carried out reconnaissance of the terrain, and carried out survey activities. Geological preparatory basis is formed already at the final stage and represents topographic and geodetic plan of the site. Most often within urban areas it is performed in larger scale of 1:500 to ensure accuracy. It is very important for further successful execution of work.

geophysical basis for the design engineering it's extremely important because it is often applied not only existing communications networks, roads, buildings and other structures, but also projected new facilities. Thus, planners and architects are able most successfully to place the object, so it does not hurt the existing buildings. Geological preparatory basis for construction also needed for subsequent geodetic surveys, for example, in the exercise of Executive shooting facilities or breakdown of axes of buildings. All these robots are a group of experienced surveyors of our company and provide an opportunity not only to create a quality project, but also successfully implement it in your life.

Also, as stated earlier, necessary geophysical basis for the design connect to a communication network. With the help of topographic survey can determine the exact location of all required pipes and cables. What gives? First of all, You don't have to spend extra money and time looking for all of these networks located in Your area, or next to it. Secondly, knowing their location, You will be able to successfully plan all options to tie-in the total line. Thus. You can get your hands on a very important document and solve your issue. Geological preparatory basis is included in the set of documents that must be in every owner of the land, and may be required to provide to various authorities.

If You need a geophysical basis for the construction of a new facility or You need a geophysical basis for the design of any engineering object, then You should seek help from a qualified professionals surveying firm company "Guild Engineering".

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