Geosemka is used in cases when we need to count large amounts of earth mass for the process of construction work, or to count the number of raw materials in the warehouse or wheat in the granary. Geosemka be useful if you need to put in order coast of body of water: pour clean sand for beach, to strengthen the escarpment. And when cleaning the pond will need a plan for the Bank. The compilation of a unified real estate cadastre is also impossible without geosemka.


Geoscheme is a set of activities undertaken to produce measurements for the purpose of preparing the plan, maps, three-dimensional models, the profile of the scheme. This type of work most frequently performed by the firm LLC “the Guild Engineering”. Surveyors firms have all types of filming and know how to deal with various types of surveying instruments, which allows the customer to choose the accuracy, time and cost studies.

Geodetic survey, according to the nature of the data obtained about the surrounding area, there are horizontal (horizontal), vertical (altitude) and topographic (horizontal and vertical).

Cost of topographical works from 2 500 UAH for the area

Executive geosemka is for completed works. Its purpose is to give accurate information about the volume; set the actual position of the axes made; to record the actual settings and status of the foundations, structures, individual parts of the entire structure; determine the accuracy of the compliance project. This is especially significant in the construction of tall buildings and large structures. Construction errors are identified and corrected in a timely manner. Perform as-built survey until the completion of the hidden works can be, after concreting or application of any other way of concealment, know and see at the shooting location of a hidden object. Final Executive geosemka built buildings mandatory for registration of documents.

Geosemka plot is required when making official papers on the ownership or use of land. Prepared cadastral plan, which is based on a topographic survey. In the construction of buildings should first study the Geology of the site. For this drill the well, perform various operations on the penetration of the probe or the vibrating tool into the ground, are pits and pipes. All this can be done only with an agreed survey plan of the site. Underground utilities located at a depth of from one to three meters, are shown on the plan five hundredth scale. Geosemka plot in some cases, requires coordination with the services, operating the reservoirs and cables are deep.

in Order to draw a plan of the facade of the building is geosemka facade. During the construction or reconstruction plan of the facade needed for calculations of thermal insulation and cladding materials, the calculation of the replaced elements. Sometimes informative shooting of the facade, made by a total station, is not enough. Then apply laser scanning. Laser scanner, removing a huge amount of points, allows to fix even minor architectural decoration. the Geosemka facade is done and the dismantling of buildings.

of Great practical importance is geosemka equipment. Various production mechanisms are established with the use of geodetic measurements. It's rolling mills, rotary kilns, overhead cranes. In operation they require geodetic control. the Geosemka equipment is performed after installation, after repairs, when investigating the issue of marriage, and periodically when inspections.

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