Among the large number of proposals in the market of engineering services is difficult to determine the company-the contractor. Especially if the landowner has to apply for the first time, and none of them is not known. However, the name GUILD ENGINEERING is now a popular one, because it provides geodetic and geological character across the country and has many satisfied customers.


Guild Engineering LTD has concentrated its activities around broad engineering areas. This is the full range of geological and geodetic services, and also work on industrial, mining facilities. Such active company organizes  more than ten years. The variety of work only increases, and the qualifications of specialists increases.

Guild Engineering

in Treatment of GUILD ENGINEERING LTD is a guarantee that each client receives quality engineering survey and designed for all requirements documents. The staff consists of professionals, including qualified engineers, geologists, surveyors, topographers. Each of them has the necessary certificates, confirming their professionalism. Regular training allows you to use only the freshest and new techniques, methods.

to Win the trust of customers the company has and by using the latest technologies in their work. Advanced equipment allows not only to expand the circle of activities, but also to perform them much faster, better. All these factors combined led to the fact that the Engineering Guild of Kyiv has extended its activities not only in big cities of Ukraine, but also in small settlements in different regions.

Services from the GUILD ENGINEERING

in Addition to qualified specialists, advanced technologies Guild Engineering Kiev is famous for being able to provide any of the services of engineering profile. All work and services provided by the company, can be divided into two main sections:

  1. Surveying work.
  2. Engineering Geology.

Geodetic works include a number of sub-areas, which give the opportunity to fully explore the surface of any land, a terrain or object. Guild Engineering Dnepropetrovsk actively practicing geodetic engineering surveys  support and  construction, topographic, and leveling of surfaces and the study of buildings for deformities. We should also highlight the successful operations in industry, which has high complexity.

Geological surveys include soil analysis and hydrology on the land in order to obtain information about the nature of the soil. Such data is equally important when buying land or construction than geodesy.

Guild Engineering Dnipropetrovsk provides services in communities across the country. Assistance in documentation for land plots, privatization, and cadastral certification is one of the actual services. This includes cadastral surveys, preparation of plans, installation, alignment and removal of boundaries.

GUILD ENGINEERING is a company that is known for its reputation and cherishes it. That's why here address not only private landowners, but also large enterprises and organizations. A thorough approach to work and detail, responsible execution allows the company to grow and every day only to expand its customer base.

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