How can you help the farmer GPS field measurements of areas to conduct a planned economy?

how Often do coincide, the actual field size is specified in the documentation?

GPS field area measure

cadastre Authorities issued farmers with documentation indicating the size of fields belonging to them. In reality, the area of the field sometimes is not the same as spelled out in the documents. Why is this happening? That is a lot of reasons. This dirt road along fields and rolling offset, and the owner of the neighbouring fields is gradually widening ownership, prihvatyvaya during plowing foot, then two feet. Tenants of fields are constantly faced with the issue of the availability on the field of shareholders who refused to join the pass the land on lease to the owners of the units and independently of the processing units. Similar reasons lead to the reduction of the actual size of a field.

Cost of aerial photography from 5500 UAH for 1 flight (approximately 20 Hectares)

But in prepared a business plan, everything is subject to documented the authorized area. Calculated seed and fertilizer are not in the prescribed proportion. This can lead not only to loss of funds due to the loss of crops due to land shortage, but also reduce the quality of the products.

How to determine the actual area of the field, making the GPS field area measure

For help, the farmer can appeal to the firm of “the Guild of Engineering" and to conclude an agreement on the determination of the actual size of a field. The firm provides a service of GPS field area measure.

Why the farmer it is beneficial to contact a specialist company and not to solve the problem on its own?

  1. above all, professional equipment for GPS measurements is quite expensive to acquire it for the procedure required not so often.
  2. If the owner of the field decides to use the free GPS, it will not receive accurate data because the accuracy of the civilian signal is five or six meters. On the field area of one hundred hectares can be short of five acres.

How is the definition of the field and what the farmer gets as a result?

vehicle mounted GPS equipment. Employee of the company inspects the pitch contour. Are GPS field area measure.

According to the established coordinates of the boundaries of the field surveyors will build an electronic map. It will drawn the contour of the field and specified its area. When a few fields, a summary map of all areas. Fields numbered and on the computer you can view information about a specific field. Attached the households from the satellite. It is possible to manufacture the overview map to be placed on the office wall. It seems, in addition to the fields, nearby towns, roads, rivers, forests and other terrain features. Draw a map to scale.

E-card can be used for additional application information. So you can show the place of soil sampling for analysis. Specialists of the company LLC "Guild Engineering” will take samples from the arable layer, and using GPS equipment to determine coordinates of the sampling points. Sampled, Packed and signed, sent to a lab to determine the content of humus, pH and content of various chemical elements (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and others). According to the obtained results it is possible to build a map of agrochemical inspections of farm holdings, which made the specialists of the company.

All of the above actions will lead to the fact that fields are accurately measured and certified. The plans of the farmer will be based on real source data, which can result in savings and will mark the professional approach of the landowner or tenant to his farm.

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