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proverb says: "Live at the neighbors to be in conversations". But sometimes these conversations are not very pleasant, and the most common reason be the installation of a fence, not the agreement of the parties regarding boundaries and more. Unfortunately, the same problem faced by many. And to resolve the dispute with the neighbors it is necessary to conduct the work of surveying the land.

Border area

land Surveying is a set of works that aimed to install, repair, or secure plot boundaries. The survey also includes work to identify the location and area the investigated area. It is a long process that requires the carrying out of such works:

  • collection of documentation, confirming the right to the possession of land, inventory data, the original data geodetic nature;
  • technical design of the project;
  • definition of land boundaries, coordination and consolidation of boundary marks;
  • geodetic works towards the identification of the coordinates of landmarks;
  • the mapping of the boundaries of the site;
  • clearance surveying business.

the Cost of the removal of boundaries in nature 1 900 UAH for the area

boundary settlement is a procedure that can last up to one quarter, and in some cases delayed for a sufficiently long period of time. Surveyors of the company "Guild of Engineering" will do their utmost to carry out the work efficiently and as quickly as possible. Initially the contract is concluded between the customer and the executing organization. Land management of the organization should be given the documents confirming possession of the territory, a copy of an identity document - passport, document of inheritance, the decision on granting the land plot. If all documentation provides not the owner of the site that you want to explore, is given and the power of attorney of the authorized person. The remaining documentation is prepared by the Executive organization.

When the surveying is completed, the customer shall act in two samples. One copy is retained custody, and the second is passed to the archive. The cost of such work from the tasks that need to be addressed, from the characteristics of the land, its scale, and the availability of such documentation as land surveying and cadastral materials.

We will do all the necessary work on surveying and provide all necessary documentation, making it according to all norms and requirements. Working with our company, you can be sure that the boundaries of the plot will be accurate to the millimeter, and the work will be performed promptly.

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