Geodetic works in Alexandria

Geodetic works in Alexandria do not stand on the ground. Our company Guild Engineering offers the whole complex of geodetic surveys, such as surveying, construction, calculation of earthworks, laying axes of buildings or structures, verification of geometrical parameters of the equipment, topographic survey on a scale of 1:500, accurate determination of the area, coordination  points and structures the boundaries of the site.

Geodetic works in Alexandria

Briefly about our geodetic services Alexandria and Kirovograd region, as well as by area: Alexandria district, Znamensky district, St. Onufry district, Pyatikhatskiy district, Novgorod region, Kirovograd region.

Cadastral survey technical report required to obtain cadastral number is in the state coordinates, the latest surveying equipment. On the basis of cadastral survey in Alexandria prepared the technical report of the geodetic works, which is needed for further land use technical documentation and registration of land in the land registry. Preparation of technical report on the survey is a very important stage in the privatization of the plot, because what will be the coordinates, there is  located in your area for documents under the state act.

Geodetic works Alexandria

Marking works in Alexandria.

Each new construction is projected on the current surveying, then surveyors on the ground fix geodetic control for the further carrying out of the project in nature. All surveying  ground measurements are electronic total stations and GPS systems. The kind of work relates to engineering geodesy. Then gradually at each stage of construction professionals endure axis of the pit, for the layout of the foundations. How to make the axis of the column knows best surveyor. Then when the columns of wired, need to check the verticality of the columns, the exact alignment of the parts, frame, geodetic alignment of structures. After the center and installation work should be done by the Executive survey and carry out the Executive geodetic documentation. Executive geodetic scheme will show the real picture, the actual dimensions of the foundations, columns, pit, ceiling, position the anchor bolts.

Then all information is applied to the survey plan through surveying, and planning high-rise geodesic network, which was fixed before construction remains for the entire period of construction, and in the process of building operation.

On the Executive of the General plan is applied survey of underground utilities, capture boundaries of the site. When performing excavation and landscaping required is a vertical shooting location before beginning work, post graduation work. These 2 procedures necessary for correct calculation of earthwork and moved the earth under any  earthworks.

So by Alexandria you can order:

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

  • survey of roads and Railways
  • surveying work in the installation of process equipment
  • transfer elevations on the mounting horizon
  • geodetic survey of crane rails bridge, gantry cranes beams
  • contour survey of buildings
  • definition of rolls chimneys
  • leveling rails, floors, roads, trails
  • geodetic survey of the facade
  • the definition of volume of raw materials and bulk materials in warehouses and bunkers
  • update of topographic maps
  • the Stakeout and the restoration of boundaries and borders in Alexandria
  • geodetic control of construction works
  • geodetic monitoring of deformations of buildings and structures
  • poderina shooting for landscape design

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