Geodesy in Apostolovo

Guild Engineering offers a wide range of geodetic works in Apostolovo. No construction can not do without geodesy. It is used not only in construction, but also when calculating the volume of the rocks, and also in the calculation of blasting in mining. Our company is happy to provide your attention sufficiently large spectrum of geodetic surveys not only in Apostolovo, but also in the whole area.

Geodesy in Apostolovo

In geodetic work, offered by our company includes: surveying in construction, calculation of the amount of excavation work, center work, geodetic alignment of structures, Executive survey and maintenance of as-built documentation, and topographic survey.

Our surveyors competently and efficiently provide their services, thanks to his long experience of work in this field and the use of modern equipment. The company Guild Engineering conducts Apostolovo as field and office surveying work. Field include work in which is the measurement object on the ground. When laboratory data are processed, which were obtained during the geodetic measurements are made drawings, reports on the work done.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Thanks surveying projects of buildings and constructions with maximum precision transferred to the nature of the schemes, is the exact calculation of the necessary volume of materials, and supervised the execution of the designs, which is very important. Any, even the slightest error, invalid. Therefore, our specialists are suitable to perform job very competently and responsibly.

Guild performs Engineering work to be carried out for further events on gardening, as well as the improvement of land and to create projects landscape. Among these works:

  • create horizontal and vertical geodetic network;
  • survey of the boundaries of the land, underground lines;
  • binding structures in the data. which were obtained during leveling profiles along roads and Railways, buried at the facility.

the Specialists of the Engineering Guild will hold geodetic works in Apostolovo and the area efficiently, competently and efficiently using the latest modern equipment

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