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Geodetic services in Armyansk, geology of the land

Guild Engineering provides a wide range of services for geodesy in Armyansk, as well as the nearby villages of Voroshilovo, Perekop and Suvorovo. We value every customer and do our work quickly and efficiently, using only the latest modern equipment.

Geodetic services in Armyansk, geology of the land

Among the list of surveying, which provides the Engineering Guild in Armyansk such:

  • engineering geodesy, tasks which are geodetic measurements during development of the project of construction of a building or structure, the definition of the area of the main axes according to the construction project, the analysis of the shifting of the earth beneath a building or structure. Engineering research is the topographic survey for design of structures, with subsequent Stakeout composed of the project. The specialists Guild Engineering will conduct a topographical survey of any size, while providing the most accurate data. All this is achieved thanks to the large experience of our qualified professionals and competent approach to the execution of geodetic works of any complexity;
  • calculation of earthworks. It is performed during the design and production of works in order to choose methods and means of excavation works;
  • center. It is a basic type of geodetic works, when there is a breakdown of the axes of the structures on site during the making of the project on the site;
  • geodetic alignment of structures. The alignment structures surveyors company Guild Engineering carried out using only precise geodetic instruments. Sometimes our specialists use laser devices, but most of the levels and total stations. Often the alignment structures occurs during installation, but happens after it;
  • Executive survey. It is carried out in order to investigate whether the sentencing project in nature. When it detects any deviations from the project, if mistakes were made during construction. Our surveyors are built documentation, which reflects the actual implementation of the design solutions. In Armyansk-built documentation may be provided in electronic form and on paper;
  • topographic surveys. They represent a complex of geodetic works, which are held for the compilation of topographic plans and maps.
  • Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

to Order the services of the Guild the Engineering geodesy in Armyansk you can directly contact our Manager who will provide full information on the phone 097-57-246-57. You can also order our services on geodesy on the website in the online chat or by filling out the form. Our experts will contact you shortly.

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