Geodesy, services geology, topographic survey for design in Berdyansk

Our company conducts qualitative and timely surveying any complexity in Berdyansk. If you need to carry out geodetic survey, topographic mapping, removal of axes in nature, the calculation of earthworks, the alignment structures, Executive shooting or some other service on geodesy, please contact us. Our company provides a large enough range of geodetic works not only in Berdyansk, but in Berdyansk district. To order the service you only need to call our Manager, who will provide full information you are interested in geodetic work and will help to Orient prices, or to fill out a form on our site and soon you will be contacted by our consultant.

Geodesy, services geology, topographic survey for design in Berdyansk

Briefly about our services in Berdyansk, who perform highly skilled surveyors company Guild Engineering. Without geodesy not do any construction. It is the industry with which measurements are then performed on areas where construction is planned. Geodetic works are field and laboratory. During the field work carried out measurement of objects on the site. To office include design drawings, preparation of reports on the work that was performed.

Surveying also can be divided into:

  • engineering geodesy. It is the leading direction of modern geodesy. With its help developing a methodology geodetic measurements for the design, alignment structures, survey, construction. Engineering and geodetic survey called the survey and removal project in nature. Engineering surveys conducted to obtain the necessary information about the terrain and situation of the land area. This information is needed for the project and perform other surveys;
  • surveying. The topographic survey is carried out for subsequent plans and maps. It happens both large and small scales. These will often be the so-called peticote tograficheskaia shooting 1/500 scale. Our company will hold in Berdyansk topographical survey of any size quickly and efficiently;
  • Executive surveys, and execution of Executive documents. Such shooting is carried out to establish the accuracy of the sentencing project buildings and structures in nature and identify all deviations from the project that were made during construction. The data obtained control measurements are shown in the diagrams geodetic documents, which are called by the Executive documentation;
  • estimated volumes of excavation works. They need to determine methods and means of earthworks, cost, and determine how long it will take the duration of the execution of such works.
  • Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

All of these geodetic services professionals Guild Engineering will provide in Berdyansk efficiently and quickly, thanks to its experience and the use of modern technical equipment.

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