Geodetic services, geology in Bobrynets

the Company "Guild of Engineering" provides its customers with high quality made of geodetic work in the stipulated time. Years of experience allowed us to collect only the best surveyors that fit correctly and responsibly to each their task. We will geodetic works in bobrynets, and in every corner of the area, providing only the most accurate information and well-written documentation, which you will receive a permit for the construction and design of your land.

Geodetic services, geology in Bobrynets

Our company offers a wide range of surveying services from surveying to the final stage of geodesy during construction. Geodesy is a branch of production is inextricably part of the construction process. Geodesy is directly related to the different dimensions on the land and is performed in several stages. The first stage is called geodesy field. During this phase the surveyors using special tools perform measurements on the section that you want to investigate. A big role during the field phase is played by the ability to use tools surveyors, and technological equipment. Progress does not stand still and each time the equipment is improved, which allows the implementation of measurements to achieve the most accurate data. Our experts during the execution of their work uses only innovative technological equipment. This allows you to perform geodetic works quickly and efficiently.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Geodesy has a number of areas, one of which is the topography. Topographic and geodetic works include surveying, cadastral surveying, as-built survey, removal of land boundaries in nature and preparation of geodetic maps and plans. Topographical survey is conducting a surveyor measurements of heights, turning angles, distances, the results of which are compiled topographic maps and charts of the area. Such imagery has its relevance when the issues of registration of land, preparation and updating of topographic maps and prior to the design and construction process of the property. Topographic survey includes field and laboratory work. It can be of different scales: landscape survey, large-scale and trebeculectomy. The most popular is the topographical survey of a large scale 1/500, which is another name for "'ll think".

On the results obtained during the topographic survey a topographic plan. It is velikobirtanii the drawing, which shows the terrain and the situation of the terrain, ground and underground utilities, as well as all properties that are located in the study area. All items are displayed symbology on the plane.

Our company offers the following geodetic services in bobrynets:

  • calculation of the volume of earthworks in bobrynets;
  • breakdown of the axes of buildings and structures in bobrynets;
  • drafting all the necessary survey documents.
  • topographical survey of the site in bobrynets;
  • Executive survey in bobrynets.

This is not the whole range of services that we offer. In geodetic works in bobrynets will be performed by our experts efficiently and on time.

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