Geodetic works in Сarichanka

Land civilian areas, private areas, infrastructure, roads, factories, dams, reservoirs, silos and other land and individual properties require geodetic research and monitoring. It is through these and other such areas and the main purpose is manifested geodesy - the study area by means of measurement procedures.

Geodetic works in Сarichanka

As you can see, the designation does not affect the geodetic surveying. Also not affected by the scale and complexity of  objects. Especially if it is taken, the specialists of our company with years of experience in a variety of areas in all corners of Ukraine. Is no exception and tsarychanka;. Regardless of the locality in which we operate, the services remains the most complete. In this case there is only professional equipment.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

As a rule, all surveying work can be divided into field and laboratory. This division depends on where the procedures are carried out. Fieldwork performed on the site. They involve the use of special equipment that helps to capture the quantitative parameters of the object, terrain, location of buildings, green spaces, communications or identify deviations from norms in certain cases. The use of a particular instrument depends on the kind of field work. Cameral stage is performed using software and represents not that other, as the data collected at the field stage.

All surveying work can be divided into several areas. One of the areas is land use planning. They are necessary for the clearance of documents for the site. The composition of land surveying includes surveying, development of a cadastral plan of the territory that defines the boundaries and coordinates of the plot. Also, the land may be carried out work to identify, clarify and removal of boundaries in nature.

major direction is engineering geodesy governing the construction process. This includes phase control operated real property for any purpose. In this segment of the workincludes:

  • surveying in carichanka at any scale depending on the purpose;
  • drafting topography or topographic plan in carichanka
  • the establishment of a geodetic network;
  • the calculation of volumes of earthworks, monitoring their conduct;
  • center of procedure at the site;
  • Executive surveys and reconciliation of structures in carichanka
  • the preparation of Executive documentation;
  • geodetic monitoring of deformations of objects;
  • poderina shooting with the purpose of improvement;
  • shooting communication lines in case of their installation.

we Perform and work on technical objects - exploring, mining, hydraulic, industrial facilities, and roads and Railways both during construction and during their operation.

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