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Geodetic works Chernivtsi, topographical survey of the site, removal of boundaries

Geodetic survey requires any land, no matter what size and form as he may be and in whatever place he was not. To neglect some of them is to question the precision further processes. And some even can not be ignored, because without them it is impossible to obtain documents or to continue. Geodetic surveys are conducted to identify particular areas or particular area, to determine its quantitative, numeric indicators. In the composition of geodesy includes many processes and procedures that are aimed at a comprehensive study site or sites located on it. Integrated geodetic analysis of land Chernovtsy offers you our company.

Contacts in Chernivtsi:

Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Chernivtsi located at the address Pobedy, 64. Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


Geodetic works Chernivtsi, topographical survey of the site, removal of boundaries

Range of services that we provide in the framework of geodetic works, is the most complete. We cover all geodesic direction. Therefore, if you contact our company, you no longer need to seek additional specialists who will complete a particular job. We will do the entire complex, from preparation to final documents in Chernovtsy.

Our company works on a variety of its targeted objects and sites: private, civil, industrial, agricultural, hydraulic engineering, mining and others. Each of them has its own characteristics which you need to do research.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

But there is a generic procedure conducted in the territory regardless of its purpose. These universal services include the following:

  • all land surveying work cadastral survey in Chernovtsy, the development of the cadastral plan, removal or clarification of the boundaries of the site. Each parcel must have the appropriate documents. In order to execute and register the land, you need to collect technical materials. And this is possible only on the basis of geodetic data;
  • topographic survey in Chernovtsy - the ability of the full study area and all its features. The results of the survey are compiled topographic map, which displays all of these fixed features. Topographic survey - a mandatory procedure for each site on which you want to perform some action. With it fixed dimensions, terrain, all the objects found there, lines of communications. Common scale shooting and topoplan - 1:500, but can be chosen and the other depending on the purpose.

These services cover all land, even those where there are no buildings, for example, the land for agricultural activities. There are also a number of generic procedures that apply to all areas where the planned construction or other actions:

  • the calculation of the volume of the earth is the procedure necessary to optimize the construction process;
  • axial breakdown in accordance with the project design. Marking works involve the removal of the main and auxiliary EfE nd and their fixation in the right places of the site;
  • a reconciliation of the designs on the subject of horizontality, verticality alignment and other factors;
  • Executive control and the final shot of the object, its elements, and lines of communication with the purpose of control over the correctness of the implementation.

If we talk about industrial, hydrotechnical and other specific and quite complex objects and territories, to explore their needs not only the above methods, and a number of special procedures:

  • leveling surfaces, roads, paths, and other elements;
  • check the verticality of high-rise structures;
  • measurement of residues of raw materials;
  • tracing, etc.

We perform both the study site and the analysis of the results followed by the preparation of all necessary documentation in Chernovtsy.

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