Geodetic works Cherkassy, topographical survey of the site, removal of boundaries

In its many years of activity our company adheres to the principles of professional activity. This gave us the opportunity to thrive, to develop a large client base, which includes many well-known companies. We strive to not only expand the scope of services and the geography of its activities. A complete set of geodetic work we carry out and in Cherkassy

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Geodetic works Cherkassy, topographical survey of the site, removal of boundaries

Without surveying it is impossible to imagine any building, or land use planning processes. Geodetic surveys provide an opportunity to obtain a complete quantitative and qualitative indicators and display them in graphical documents. It is extremely important precision, which should be the maximum, without errors. Therefore, the results should be checked, and for getting them to use high-precision professional equipment.

Range geodetic works in Cherkassy is very wide. They are diverse and different orientation. But, however, any procedure requires a certain sequence of execution. For geodetic works is an exact algorithm, which starts with exploring the land. This knowledge involves the inspection of the site and examination of documents related thereto.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

you can navigate to field work or work on the ground. This is directly the analysis, measurement and recording of the parameters of the plot. Here is just necessary surveying equipment, total station, level, levels, and other special devices.

the Final stage in the whole algorithm geodetic work will be offsite. Processing the received data with plot and narrative in text and graphical form. In text form, the client is given a detailed technical report and in the graphics - drawings, plans, diagrams or maps depending on the type of service. Moreover, the materials are issued both on paper and on electronic media.

If you have not yet all the documents on the ground, before proceeding to other geodetic procedures, you will need a land survey. In particular, it is necessary to make the removal of boundaries in nature, to mark the boundary point boundary-marks. If such a procedure has already been executed in relation to your property, in some cases, you may need refinement. For example, if any of the boundary markers were lost, displaced, or if between you and your neighbors a dispute arose over an adjacent piece of land. Another area of land works in Cherkassy is a cadastral survey, which determines the size of its territory, its coordinates. The results of the survey shall be prepared cadastral plan of the land plot.

And when all documents are in order and decorated, you can begin to engineering-geodesic surveys in Cherkassy. Those sites which are not designated under construction, will require only one procedure - topographic survey. And if we are talking about construction, redevelopment or other large-scale works, then you will need a number of procedures:

  • the above topographic survey, which is needed for the structural design or create a landscape design of the site;
  • surveying of the subterranean and terrestrial communication networks;
  • the calculation of the amount of excavation work that is needed in order to calculate costs of tools and equipment to conduct these excavation works;
  • axial breakdown of major and minor axes of construction and fastening of points markers;
  • full transfer of the project facilities on the land;
  • a reconciliation of the elements of the structure in a vertical, horizontal, axis and other parameters.
  • interim Executive survey of elements of design in order to identify deviations from the project documentation;
  • if we are talking about industrial sites or you want to align a large area, it is necessary to carry out the leveling surface;
  • final as-built survey and compiling the necessary package of Executive documents.

When completed, geodetic work does not end there. During the operation of the facilities necessary to conduct follow-up research with the purpose of timely detection of deviations from norms. Such works are the establishment of a roll of high-rise structures, verification of balance reserves of raw materials in warehouses, update graphic materials.

All these and other services will perform the specialists of our company in Cherkassy in a very short time.

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