Geodetic works Chernigov, topographical survey of the site, removal of boundaries

You want to buy land in Chernigov or the surrounding villages? Or maybe you already have the land and you decided to build something on it? Then you will definitely need the services of a team of surveyors to perform geotechnical exploration in Chernigov. The choice of this command should be treated seriously and responsibly. Because these people are responsible for the correctness of your land documents and all processes that will be implemented at the site.

Contacts in Chernigiv:

Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Chernigov is located by address Shevchenko street, 103. Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


Geodetic works Chernigov, topographical survey of the site, removal of boundaries

Our company for you is the best decision and the best choice.  our staff are really professional qualification is confirmed by certificates.

We are one of those companies that can carry out all types of surveying in view of the availability of all certificates and permits. Another important factor influencing the choice of our team is a professional range of hardware and software that provide increased precision of fixation and processing of the received data. Thanks to the combination of these advantages we are opening new offices across the country, including work in Chernigov.

Geodesy in our company is a comprehensive approach to every task. Each employee specializes in your line of work, so the process is consistent and efficient. We conduct field work in the area for fixing and measuring its characteristics, and laboratory - processing of the data and preparation of documents.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

The wide geodetic direction presents engineering-geodesic surveys. They are aimed at satisfying the design, construction needs. Such surveys include a number of processes in the first place - topographic survey of the area. Tasks that are put before it is detailed and extremely accurate recording of all features of the land. To items that have attend the final topographic plan, include the size, dimensions, topography, communications, real estate, water features, plantings (if we are talking about shooting for landscape design).  the Survey plays an important role at the preliminary stage, when you know exactly where and  what elements are placed in order to properly manage the project.

are equally important and other geodetic procedures in Chernigov:

  • the creation of the topography under construction;
  • settlement the volume of the earth;
  • axial splitting, consolidation axes markers;
  • transfer project in the nature of Chernigov;
  • interim Executive surveys of structural elements;
  • final as-built survey to introduce the facility in operation;
  • check the verticality;
  • shooting underground communication lines to Chernigov;
  • the control over correctness parameters and indicators;
  • the preparation of Executive documentation;
  • work on technical reports and other materials of a text character.

If we are talking about industrial objects, the list of services is expanding even more. It is supplemented by such works as the detection of a roll of high-rise structures, measurement of residual materials and volumes, measurement of numerical indices (length) tracks and train paintings, geodetic control during installation of industrial equipment.

During the operation of buildings, roads or other object, it must also be checked. Geodesic audit involves observations of changes in the position of the object, the advent of these signs of strain. It is timely geodetic control allows time to notice deviations from the norm and take action. Otherwise, ignoring these procedures, the customer may incur large losses associated with the repair or restoration of the structure.

Also, if you need, our company will hold a pre - land works in Chernigov, so that you could make quickly all the documentation on your site.

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