Services in geodesy, the determination of land boundaries in Dneprodzerzhinsk

Geodetic works in Dneprodzerzhinsk, as in a large industrial region, are not only for individuals, but in most plants, mining and processing enterprises. The company "Guild engineering provides a geodetic support for enterprises Dneprodzerzhinsk and provides any kind of geodetic services. Representation of the company "Guild Engineering" in Dneprodzerzhinsk is located on a street of Syrovtsa, 16. You can read the preliminary amount of work by filling out the order form on the site, as well as by calling 097-57-246-57. In any case, you will see that our prices are the most acceptable ratio quality-price-speed

Contacts in Kamenskom:

Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Kamenskom is located at ul. Syrovtsa, 16 2 FL., of. 3. Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

For all types of real estate transactions (as with the construction and purchase-sale) must have topographic plan. As a rule, it is topographical map of scale 1:500 ("palisada"). In Dneprodzerzhinsk topographic survey is manufactured using modern equipment and according to the shooting cards have very high accuracy and relevance. You get plan with the seal of "GlavAPU" and its electronic version. topographic In Dneprodzerzhinsk plans was formed for the plant for the production of beta-carotene in Dneprova, skroupovo to conduct gasification and a large number of individuals, including sensing for landscape design in Dneprova.

Services surveying Dneprodzerzhinsk One of the most popular services in Dniprodzerzhinsk is borders of the plot in nature. This service is used for consolidation or restore the borders of the land plot by setting boundaries. Be sure to use removal of borders before construction - this will help to avoid conflict situations and difficulties with documentation. In Dneprodzerzhinsk company "Guild Engineering" carried out work on removal of borders in Dneprovsky metallurgical combine to them. Dzerzhinsky, as well as in spisarevski Company of the district.

Services surveying Dneprodzerzhinsk Also before the beginning of construction works is recommended for a prospecting works. For Dneprodzerzhinsk, with its large number of underground heating mains, Sewerage, water pipes, electrical cables it is a sensible precaution. If the route only have to build - possibly build profiles for design of heating mains. Shooting networks is also carried out the contract of servitude.

The definition of land boundaries in Dneprodzerzhinsk For Dniprovskiy metallurgical plant and other processing enterprises relevant is the service of the company "Guild Engineering", as measurement of residual material (scrap metal). Material may be stored in silos or in bulk form. The specialist surveying the surface in the bulk or the Executive survey bins, and then creates a computer 3D-model, which can determine the volume and weight of raw materials. Measurement residues can be made at a time, and with any convenient time interval.

Services surveying Dneprodzerzhinsk For companies and private persons who conduct the construction works in Dneprodzerzhinsk will be useful geodetic works in construction. They are held at all stages of construction, including the preparation, the main period and its completion. At the preparatory stage the specialists of the company "Guild Engineering" create geodetic the basis for the construction, make shooting and taken to the nature of the axis. Also compiled Executive survey, which is prepared by the Executive documentation. After construction is cooked and prepared a technical report on the work carried out, is Executive master plan, observations of the deformation of objects. Geodetic control is an essential and integral part of each construction. Building geodetic works in Dneprodzerzhinsk was held to construct the Dneprovsky metallurgical combine them. Dzerzhinskogo, plant "Biogas" in this village, at the poultry farm "Nasha Ryaba". a Breakdown of axes was carried out for the shopping center "Epicenter" and GRADOSTROITEL enterprise "Dnepravia plant".

The definition of land boundaries in Dneprodzerzhinsk The company "Guild Engineering also offers shooting the bottom of the reservoirthat can be cleaning the bottom of the reservoir, it is deepening. It is also possible to spend a landscaping beach, which includes the creation of clean sandy beaches and the removal of vegetation for the term of ten years.

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We will wait for You at the following address: Ukraine Dneprodzerzhinsk, ulcerosa, 16, of.3.

Services in geodesy, the determination of land boundaries in Dneprodzerzhinsk Services surveying Dneprodzerzhinsk The definition of land boundaries in Dneprodzerzhinsk Services surveying Dneprodzerzhinsk
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