Geodetic works Dobropillya, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Geodetic works accompany any manipulations associated with the earth. Because with the help of geodesy could solve a lot of land issues. This allows us to examine the quantitative and qualitative indicators any terrain, any land or facility. In General, surveying involves measuring site, the compilation on the basis of their graphic documents and data migration to the area with absolute precision.

Geodetic works Dobropillya, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Geodesy involves the use of various equipment for realization of the tasks set before her. Without professional devices with appropriate certification, obtaining accurate information is impossible.

Geodetic works involve tens of processes. Part  of them are right on the spot study and is called field work. The other part runs on the computer and involves the processing of previously received information. These works are called the Desk.

Field geodetic works in dobropillia include the following procedures:

  • geodetic surveys in dobropillia, namely topographic survey of the latching communication lines;
  • poderina shooting on a large scale for implementation plans to create a landscape design
  • calculation of the amount of excavation masses in dobropillia in order to build a plan of action and to identify the financial feasibility of construction
  • marking works in dobropillia the main and auxiliary axes of the future building, the transfer of the project buildings on the site;
  • reconciliation of design and its separate elements, check the verticality and horizontality of surfaces, and alignment
  • interim Executive the filming and the final shooting;
  • Executive survey survey of underground communication lines in dobropillia
  • monitoring of the construction process, as well as control of the object during its operation;
  • surveying shooting of roads and Railways in dobropillia
  • geodetic works hydraulic structures and water bodies;
  • geodetic works on mines, mines, quarries;
  • processes in industrial equipment, its installation and operation - monitoring the installation of new equipment and monitoring of work already in use
  • monitoring activities at industrial facilities - identification of exceedance of one element over another by leveling, the definition of roll-rise constructions and other procedures.
  • Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Office works are divided into the following procedures:

  • the preparation of technical reports on the results of those or other geodetic activities;
  • development of a topographic plan at any scale, including paderanga and topography;
  • development of the cadastral plan for any land management issues;
  • the preparation of official acts in cases when it is necessary. In this case, for example, may perform the process of determining the boundaries of the site and rendering them in nature;
  • full built documentation in dobropillia
  • update cartographic base, replacement of obsolete data relating to the site, new, relevant information.

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