Services in surveying, to make the boundaries of the area, Geology, topographic survey in Genichesk

Geodetic works in Genichesk our company is the Engineering Guild will quickly and efficiently, providing the most accurate data.

Services in surveying, to make the boundaries of the area, Geology, topographic survey in Genichesk

Geodesy is the branch of production, which is an integral part of any construction. It is connected directly with the measurements on the ground. Geodetic measurements should be performed very competently and responsibly, because of how they are carried out depends on the reliability of the constructed buildings and structures. Therefore, such work should be trusted only to professionals who have special skills and knowledge that guide in providing surveying services. The company Guild Engineering has many years of experience, so he gathered his team of highly skilled experts, real experts in their field. Instructing surveying our professionals can be confident in timeliness and quality.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Our surveyors will carry out field and laboratory work. Among them topographic survey, Executive survey, center work, land management, cadastral survey, and many others. Surveying in construction, or as it is called engineering geodesy, is the main focus of modern geodesy. Engineering surveys are formed as a result of surveying for the project, and further carrying out of the project in nature, according to the project. All of this is engineering surveys, which help to get maximum information about the terrain and the situation of the area where construction is planned. Such surveys are not only the basis for design, but also for other types of research. As you can see, topographic play not the last role in geodesy. According to the results of its implementation are toyoshima and topographic plans. Topographic survey can be both large - and small-scale. The most commonly used scale 1/500, as people call it - peticote. Topographic surveys are subject to all of the items in this area, as well as underground and aboveground utilities.

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