Services surveying, removal of boundaries, topographic survey in Gubiniha

pictured here is the surveyor performing the measurements of residual crushed lime factory in Gubiniha.

Having in possession of the land sooner or later we all have to face the realization of geodetic works. The reasons can be many, ranging from the necessity of creation of the project land to the need for different land transactions such as the transfer of the heritage, purchase and sale and much more. The most important geodetic surveying during construction. Our company "Guild of Engineering" will provide surveying services in Gubiniha any direction, regardless of the degree of difficulty. Our staff consists of qualified professionals who have considerable experience in this field and possess special skills and knowledge that contribute to and efficiently perform their tasks. Geodesy in Gubiniha is our direction.

Services surveying, removal of boundaries, topographic survey in Gubiniha

We provide geodetic services in Gubiniha:

  • support for construction process;
  • provision of cadastral and land surveying services;
  • Executive survey in Gubiniha
  • tracing engineering networks in Gubiniha
  • marking works;
  • calculation volume of earthworks in Gubiniha
  • create a geodetic framework;
  • bookmark points of reference points.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

This is not the whole range of geodetic works performed by specialists working in our company. For geodetic work, which most often order from us, include topographic survey, clarification of land area, drawing red lines on a topographic plan, Stakeout and restoration of land boundaries. Topographic survey - is a complex of works aimed at the measurement of the land on the basis of which are topographic maps and charts. Topographical survey is required when planned gas connection Elektrichestvo, for creating and updating topographic maps, land disputes, and more. Holding topographic survey in Gubiniha our experts will carry out efficiently and within the specified period. Clarification of land area is held by reason of non-compliance with regulations the descriptions in the inventory location of its boundaries. Drawing red lines on a topographic plan separates the territory of architecture and design of driveways, streets, etc. Restoration and staking out the boundaries of the land allow to determine the exact location according to the points listed in the state geodetic network.

As you can see, geodesy is the science, which requires conducting measurements with millimeter precision, and every mistake can lead to unpleasant consequences. Therefore, the geodetic surveying must be performed only by experienced and qualified professionals such as surveyors "Guild Engineering". We guarantee high quality work and proper preparation and execution of all relevant documents.

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