Geodesy, removal of boundaries in huliaipole, Geology, topographic survey

If you are the owner of the land in huliaipole, you will probably sooner or later have to deal with this concept as the surveying work. Geodesy is a whole branch, presupposing different measuring procedures in any of the territories. Any procedure within the framework of geodetic works in huliaipole is mandatory numeric component, and also the maximum precision.

Geodesy, removal of boundaries in huliaipole, Geology, topographic survey

With the help of geodesy, you can develop the correct construction project, move it to the area, as well as to monitor the progress of its implementation. Full support of the construction in huliaipole by surveyors gives you the opportunity to avoid mistakes and achieve a quality result.

Mandatory satellites geodetic works are all kinds of professional instruments, which not only simplifies the work of specialists, but also make it much more productive. Electronic tacheometers, levels and other equipment in conjunction with progressive software ensures accurate results.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

For geodetic include an extensive list of services. But they can be divided into two categories: field and laboratory. Field work is carried out directly on the area that you want to explore. In the framework of field work and are measuring procedures, which allow to obtain a comprehensive set of information.

the Desk, in the area of data processing. On the Desk phase information are ordered, prepared technical reports, and are drawn graphics documents. Just graphics - maps, charts, plans, drawings, and are the center of all lab work.

Direction, responsible for geodetic works in construction, is called engineering geodesy. During the construction of all research processes highlighted in the so-called blocks, depending on what stage they are. Worth mentioning are:

  • geodetic surveys in huliaipole - this unit of work begins at the concept design stage. It refers to studies key procedure - topographic survey. Topographic plan, which includes the terrain, the parameters of the plot, the location of all real elements is the basis of the project. Solicitation includes the step of migrating a project on the site;
  • in the course of construction is calculation of the amount of excavation work in huliaipole, the alignment structures on their alignment, vertical position and horizontal position. Also important elements at this stage are intermediate Executive surveys, which allow to monitor the progress of construction;
  • completes the construction of the structure as-built survey, without which it is impossible to pass the object into operation.

Other equally important services in huliaipole from our company are:

  • land survey work in huliaipole- cadastral surveying, establishment of boundaries and the consolidation boundary markers
  • geodetic study of communication networks, in particular, their Executive survey;
  • work at hydro-technical facilities;
  • works for construction of roads and Railways;
  • geodetic procedures on industrial installations - calculation works, volumes of raw materials and minerals, control equipment installation and its operation in the operation
  • development of various graphic documents.

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