Geodetic work Zhitomir, topographic survey of the site, the calculation of volumes of raw materials

the Demand for surveying work in Zhytomyr and the surrounding areas, such as Chernyakhovsky district, Korostyshevsky district, Radomyshlski district, Berdichevsky district, Andrusovski district, Baranowski district, Zhytomyr region due to its proximity with the capital of Ukraine Kiev. Measurement of the terrain require both private areas and industrial facilities. The most demanded service in the field of geodesy, especially at the end of the reporting period is the calculation of the amount of excavation work in Zhitomir, is section of engineering geodesy, the complex calculation of volumes included: topographic survey of the lower surface of the site, a warehouse, if not available, then in the process of geodetic finding and interpolation, the surface was built up analytically. Executive survey of the geometric parameters of the surface of the heap of materials. Survey of boundaries and the contour of the body to be counting. Vertical land survey will show any spots that will be created cartograms counting. At the end you get surveying the layout of the warehouse of raw materials, cartographies of calculating the volume, technical progress report with an indication of the volume, accuracy, information about raw materials, the performer, the instrument, which are used during the measurements in geodesy. Determination of volumes of bulk materials is slightly different from the calculation of the volume of excavation in Zhytomyr.

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Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Zhytomyr is located at ul on Putiatinska 1, Business centre Putyatinskaya. Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


Geodetic work Zhitomir, topographic survey of the site, the calculation of volumes of raw materials

we are engaged in engineering geodesy and geodetic control.

In the early stages it:

  • topographical survey for the design;
  • removal and marking of boundaries of the object zemleustroitelnih;
  • poderina shooting required for landscaping if required vertically and land planning;
  • determination of the surveyed area;
  • staking surveying justification;
  • transfer of the elevations on the bottom of the pit, mounting the horizon;
  • transfer of the elevations on the mounting horizon;
  • design-built documentation;
  • the coordinate points of constructions.

Then when something is built, we move to the phase of quality control of work performed:

  • geodetic optical structures;
  • check the verticality of the columns
  • verification of geometrical parameters of the equipment;
  • the alignment of elements of the equipment;
  • survey of underground communications;
  • geodetic survey of the facade;
  • update (update) of topographical plans;
  • preparation of technical report surveying;
  • geodetic works during installation of technological equipment;
  • the result is compiled as built survey scheme;
  • Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

After the end of the construction process you need to follow the new buildings and to carry out geodetic observations revealed deformations of objects. The establishment of rolls of chimneys is done by surveyors 1 time in 6 months, if you roll more than 0.5 meters, then you need geodesically check chimneys once a month.

For special works include:

  • the leveling and dresseshome roads and Railways;
  • geodetic survey runways, their frequency is also 1 time a year.

land management activities in Zhytomyr include:

  • removal of boundaries in nature, as well as the restoration of landmarks and boundaries
  • contour survey of buildings for allotment of land;
  • cadastral surveying for privatization with the report of a technical nature;
  • check areas of surface with boundary disputes.
Among the wide range provided by the company " Guild Engineering" of services, the most relevant is the topographic survey. This survey of the site carried out for the compilation of topographic plans and schemes. It is a complex work with measurements on the ground. According to the data obtained as a result of field topographical survey and a topographic plan showing topography, surface and underground engineering networks and objects of real estate located in the area subject to study. Topographic map can be represented in the form required by the client either in electronic form or in graphic.

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