Geodesy, removal of boundaries of the site, Geology, topographic survey M500 in Zhovti Vody

Everyone who is in possession of even a small area, at least once, but faced with land use issues. All of them are solved using geodesy. Surveying is a science with many branches and areas, each of which considers the earth's surface from your perspective study. When it comes to land development, construction or other similar action with the land , then all of these questions is engaged in engineering geodesy.

Geodesy, removal of boundaries of the site, Geology, topographic survey M500 in Zhovti Vody

engineering and geodesy includes a large number of procedures and processes that are aimed at a comprehensive, detailed and extremely accurate study of any scale and specifics of the territory. The assistant professionals in this business are specialized devices that automate, accelerate and simplify it. Each item of equipment, equally, as every surveyor,  must have appropriate approval certificates.

depending on where you perform certain geodetic works, they can be divided into field and laboratory. Fieldwork conducted at the site and off - site offices with special software. As a rule, most of the works are just two of these components - first studies in the area, and then data processing. Such procedures are:

    Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

  • topographic survey in the Yellow Waters - the filming process itself is carried out on the plot, and then the data about the size, topography, peculiarities of the location of the objects are passed to post-processing and the compilation of topographic plan;
  • cadastral surveying in the Yellow Waters, which involves obtaining information about the boundaries of the site and its coordinates. The results are also processed for the preparation of the cadastral plan;
  • Executive survey in the Yellow Waters (intermediate during construction, final at the end of it) involves the development of as-built documentation text and graphic content;
  • geodetic survey of underground utilities results in graphical result;
  • poderina shooting for landscaping requires processing and the final scheme;
  • updating existing information about land is also being conducted in two phases - first the newly explored territory, and then data is processed and updated graphical born the document map (or plan);
  • on the results of the calculation of the volume of excavation block is made of materials estimated;
  • work at industrial, hydraulic, mining, road facilities also include data processing, preparation of technical reports and maps.

As you can see, most of geodetic services consists of both directions. But also highlighted the processes that are carried out immediately on the spot without any additional processing information. Usually, they are on processed data. For example, such a process is the transfer of the project on the area and axial breakdown of future structures.

Our experts in the Yellow Waters may conduct any difficult and time-consuming surveying procedures.

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