Geodetic services, to make the boundaries of the area, Geology of the land in Kamyanka

Surveying work is an integral satellites of the construction process. The construction is the main focus of geodetic activities. In addition to this geodesic segment of operation cover land management, improvement, reconstruction and other areas.

Geodetic services, to make the boundaries of the area, Geology of the land in Kamyanka

Geodesy aims to carry out research activities in a certain area. These studies are measuring. It is quantitatively speaking, the main purpose of surveying. In addition to quantitative indicators are also identified quality characteristics of the site. How you do this depends on the needs of the customer services.

Geodetic works have a number of principles and peculiarities of performing. Thus, the performance of even very small process is impossible without the proper equipment. Basically, it is an electronic total stations, levels, satellite navigation system, laser levels and other professional tools. Such devices make it possible to ensure the accuracy obtained in the course of the study indicators.

Geodetic works on the orientation can be field and laboratory. Field are held on the ground. All the research surveyors perform on the road can be called a field. Laboratory work is the handling of information obtained during the field procedures. Typically, the two are intertwined.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

field data that we hold in Kamyanka, include surveying procedures:

  • cadastral surveying-site;
  • topographic survey in Kamyanka land
  • Executive survey of underground utilities in Kamyanka
  • Executive survey of elements and the whole works;
  • definition of boundaries on the ground;
  • a breakdown of the main and auxiliary axes before construction
  • calculation of the amount of excavation work in Kamyanka
  • reconciliation of basic structural elements;
  • leveling work on a variety of surfaces
  • monitoring activities for various properties in the course of their operation, detection of deformation processes;
  • settlement work on the determination of residues of raw material reserves and mineral resources at the mine workings;
  • work at hydro-technical objects.

geodetic Office procedures that we perform in Kamyanka, include such areas:

  • the preparation of land use documentation, in particular cadastral plans with boundaries and coordinates site, and conducting data agreement with the owners of adjacent parcels;
  • compilation official documents such as the act of removal of boundaries in nature;
  • development of cartographic materials in Kamyanka of any complexity and any scale - from schemes landscaping to maps
  • the preparation of detailed topographic maps for the design and geopodosnove;
  • development of as-built documentation in Kamyanka
  • the preparation of detailed technical reports on the results of executing various geodetic procedures.

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