Geodetic services, to make the boundaries of the area, topographic survey, in Kakhovka

Geodesy is the science. However, unlike other Sciences, which tend to the theorist, geodesy is the science-practice. It is used in construction and land development, reconstruction and during the operation of the facility or land.

Geodetic services, to make the boundaries of the area, topographic survey, in Kakhovka

Geodetic works in Kakhovka conducted on the sites can be divided into several types. Within each is allocated a number of individual procedures. The first group is surveying work in land surveying purposes. Here the emphasis is on the coordinates and boundaries. In particular for this purpose the following procedure:

  • cadastral surveying in Kakhovka
  • cadastral plan;
  • the establishment or refinement of boundaries in Kakhovka, negotiation of these boundaries, their imposition and consolidation of boundary marks.

the largest number of works carried out during the construction process. Begins his design stage. At this stage the complex, which is called engineering surveys. The main objective of the stage is obtaining complete and accurate information about the land plot with geodetic positions. For this stage include:

  • topographic survey in Kakhovka at scale. As a rule, necessary for the design scale 1:500;
  • development of a topographic plan on shooting results;
  • poderina shooting, when it comes to landscape design. This survey differs from standard topographic larger scale (1:200) and an emphasis on green spaces on the site;
  • calculation of the amount of excavation work in Kakhovka.
  • Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

All of these procedures can be called preparatory, because they precede the practical construction activities. The building itself can be considered open when held another geodesic stage - marking works. During this phase, you take away the axes of the countryside in accordance with the approved construction project.

the Following block of surveying accompanies active stage of erection of the structure. This monitoring of the construction process. Monitored compliance with all regulations, identify any discrepancies with the project. All such data can be obtained through a survey. As-built documentation on the results of the final survey is mandatory. Without it is impossible to obtain permission to enter a new object.

in Addition to new designs, which are erected, geodetic control and require already existing facilities. Only the timely carrying out of any work, geodetic nature gives you the ability to operate safely civil and industrial objects. By such procedures as-built surveying, leveling, alignment structures to determine whether there are any deformities and deviations from the original norms. These are:

  • crane track leveling in Kakhovka, floors, railway tracks;
  • definition of roll-rise structures;
  • control over the installation of a new workshop equipment and its use;
  • definition residues of raw materials in warehouses in Kakhovka
  • Executive surveys of facilities to identify their deformations.

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