Geodetic works, topographic surveys in Kiev

Currently, the company "Guild Engineering" there have been a large number of surveying Kiev and Kiev region. A wide range of running papers on geodesy includes engineering surveys, geodetic alignment, earthwork calculations and Stakeout, as-built survey and documentation of performed works, as well as surveying. The company "Guild Engineering has offices throughout Ukraine, including Kyiv. Our company works on engineering geodesy stand out among similar work competitors precision, speed, and acceptableprices.

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office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Kiev is located at ul. Feodory Pushinoy 27, of 311, near the metro station "Zhitomirskaya". Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00



Geodetic works in Kiev, breakdown of the axes, the removal of boundaries in nature

Geodetic works in Kiev, breakdown of the axes, the removal of boundaries in nature Among the works performed by engineering-geodesic surveys in Kyiv the most characteristic feature is a five-story underground Parking on the street Sports, 1 ("the Diver co., Ltd."). Were the calculations of the slope of the plot, marked driveways, the boundaries of land use with regard to communications. While works were carried out Executive surveydetermining the accuracy of the operations, the results of which was composed of project documentation with the calculation of the volumes of construction works. All work and documentation took seven days.

Also Executive survey and Executive documentation were made during the installation of metal structures of the building of the Kyiv motor show Honda for a construction company LLC MSC. Previously the object was made a count value and volume earthworks by pits and trenches, marking works search overall points of the building and consolidation points callouts.

Surveying Kiev Full package of services to support the construction of structures was made for a new Kiev construction of hypermarket shopping network "Leroy", built between Brovarsky Avenue and a street in Kyoto. This package includes works by holding the test shooting, compiling the data and test documentation, takeaway axes.

One of the most popular works of Kyiv and Kyiv region are surveying, used for the compilation of topographic maps used in the technical documentation of land.

Calculation of earthworks Kiev surveying is one of the mandatory conditions when carrying out work on the improvement and landscaping of the site. These requirements also include the horizontal and vertical geodesic network and binding structures, buildings, roads. Binding involves performing surveyors shooting location, which are the profile and vertical relief. After composing the binding is made plan developed and undeveloped areas, which defines a plan for future buildings on the site. Also survey is included in the list of mandatory documents used in the design of land plots or their sizes change, update or topographic cadastral plans.

Removal of boundaries in the nature of Kiev Engineering geodesy in Kiev from our company is always at the highest level, attention is drawn to a huge amount of detail, which ultimately is an indicator of high speed  as surveying, construction, and estimated volumes of excavation works. Geodesic breakdown of the axes of buildings or structures is only a precision electronic total stations, checking geometric parameters of the equipment is possible only attorneys surveying instruments, surveying in Kiev. Each visiting team of surveyors on the object, whether it is laying axes of buildings or structures or topographic survey in Kiev, or the transfer of the elevations on the mounting horizon, or the leveling of the track, or even the Stakeout and the restoration of boundaries and borders, all work begins with fastening  geodetic studies and eld geodesic network. It is secured either by using GPS observations from base stations, or from the nearest geodetic points polygonometry or triangulation.

Geodetic work Kiev

Survey of underground utilities in Kiev is only possible in the presence of urban tablets or prospecting equipment. Technical documentation maintenance is the responsibility of the surveyor, located on the site, as to his responsibilities include:

  • geodetic alignment structures;
  • Executive geodetic scheme;
  • surveying underground lines;
  • transfer of the elevations on the bottom of the pit;
  • the definition of the area of the site;
  • vertical shooting areas;
  • geodetic control;
  • to make the axis of the column;
  • marking works;
  • check the verticality of the columns;
  • Executive survey;
  • surveying work in the installation of technological equipment;
  • splitting axes of foundations in Kiev;
  • geodetic survey of the facade.

mine works at the enterprises of Kiev include:

  • geodetic survey of crane tracks in Kiev with strict periodicity of 1 year;
  • alignment of equipment elements, it is also carried out periodically;
  • definition of rolls of chimneys, and their slopes both in angular and linear units;
  • geodetic monitoring of deformations of buildings and structures, with pinning special marks on bearing design;
  • determination of volumes of bulk materials in Kiev, the volume of sand, gravel, dropout, any materials found in the bunkers and open warehouses;
  • coordination  points constructions;
  • survey of roads and Railways

land surveying includes:

  • survey plan and cadastral plan;
  • survey of the boundaries of the site;
  • removal of boundaries of the site;
  • removal of boundaries in nature Kyiv;
  • removal of boundaries of the land in the nature of Kyiv;
  • contour survey of buildings for manufacturing project land allotment;
  • preparation of technical report on survey for privatization and technical documentation on land management for submission to the registration of cadastral numbers in Kiev;
  • cadastral survey technical report;

Our surveyors-surveyors with joy will survey of any land in Kiev, namely topographic survey, topographic survey, scale 1:500 with orchestrations and without(Severnoi printing geodetic organization), topographic survey, scale 1:200 for landscape design, poderina shooting for landscape design, update of topographic maps for any purpose for the renewal of a lease, and for the design and reconstruction.

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will produce a copy of the topographic plan of scale 1:2000 to connect to electricians, together with situationism a site plan indicating the connection point and the display of all electrical installations.

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