Kirillovka geodetic works, topographic survey of the site, removal of boundaries

Surveying work is an important component of the study area by its measurement. Data obtained from measurement procedures that enable competently and correctly construct appropriate charts, drawings, plans. Accurate data geodetic surveys is accurate transfer of the project on the ground and not less accurate its implementation.

Kirillovka geodetic works, topographic survey of the site, removal of boundaries

Geodetic works in Kirillovka is a set of processes that allow to explore the area from different angles. For the implementation of certain tasks may require one service or the execution of a number of works. It all depends on the objectives and the desired end result.

Measurement areas, which are the basis of geodesy, require the utmost accuracy and reliability. This can be achieved only when a confluence of two factors - the professionalism of the performers, as well as whether they have the appropriate equipment. It is the use of electronic and laser devices makes it possible to increase the accuracy of the indicators.

the Most complete information about the site can be obtained by shooting. In  depending on your goals in geodesy is allocated several types of shooting. The most popular is topographic. It helps to realize many tasks. First of all, the survey needs to be the right project for construction. In this case, a traditional scale'll think (1:500). It allows to fix the size of the territory, its horizontal terrain features, the location of objects and the communication lines. In that case, if we are talking about large areas, the scale can americathese. And when there is a need to develop the project of building and landscape design, the survey is conducted on a large scale of 1:200 and includes poderino fixation.

the Other type of survey - inventory. This is the very first procedure for land use issues. It allows you to accurately set the coordinates of  the plot, the boundary location relative to adjacent areas. All this information is reflected in the plat.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Third - Executive geodetic survey. It is performed at various stages of construction and operation of facilities. So that may be an interim fix during the erection of a structure to identify inconsistencies with the project. The final survey captures the end result. The materials on its results become key in obtaining permits for the commissioning. Another direction - built survey of the buildings, and equipment in the course of their operation to monitor their condition and to identify strains. And the last line - fixation of underground utilities.

in Addition to various types of filming  and their branches in geodesy and have a number of other services that may be carried out in Kyrylivka:

  • marking works in Kirillovka
  • the exact boundaries of the site in Kirillovka and to reconcile with their neighbours;
  • calculate earthwork volume in Kirillovka
  • reconcile structures;
  • run leveling in Kirillovka of the various elements;
  • can I work on industrial, hydraulic, railway objects and their individual sites;
  • to develop a different cartographic materials in Kirillovka.

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