Surveying services, geological soil samples in Kropyvnyts'ke 

Surveying services, geological soil samples in Kropyvnyts'ke

Without geodesy not do any construction. It is an industry that is directly related to the measurements on the site. Geodetic works are divided into field and laboratory. During field surveying happen measurements of objects on the ground, and when office issued drawings, reports on the results of the measurements.

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Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Kropyvnyts'ke is located at Ordzhonikidze street,7, Business center "Elvorti". Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


Surveying services, geological soil samples in Kropyvnyts'ke

The name of the service Price
the Removal of boundaries to 10 points 1 200 UAH. 1 600 UAH.
Topographic survey of private land without approvals 1 100 UAH. 2 000 UAH.
Topographic survey of the private plot with printing GlavAPU 2 900 UAH. 4 000 UAH.
the Breakdown of geodetic axes for construction 1 100 UAH. 1 500 UAH.
the Executive survey 1 000 UAH. 1 600 UAH.
the Geology of the area 3 900 UAH. 4 500 UAH.
Copy M1:2000 and site plan 1 600 UAH. 2 000 UAH.

For geodetic work includes surveying, Executive photography, maintenance documentation, marking works, cadastral survey, the calculation of the volume of earthworks. And it's not the whole list of surveying services offered by the Guild of the Engineering Kirovograd, and all Kirovograd region. Our specialists will perform geodetic works of any complexity competently and efficiently, thanks to its special skills and knowledge. After all how good surveyor will perform their work depends on the reliability of buildings and structures. Our company employs only certified experts that work will only use licensed equipment. This Guild Engineering will perform efficiently and for a minimum period of time, the removal of borders, copy, engineering Geology, engineering surveys, the Executive scheme, soil testing, laser scanning, description of the land.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Geodetic works are a combination of geodetic and topographical works, which surveyors perform according to the requirements of the technical specifications of the customer, taking into account the geographical conditions of the research. Topographic work aims to address issues of land registration, compilation and updating of topographic maps. Topographical survey carried out for the further preparation of topographic maps and diagrams. They can be of different scales. The most commonly used scale of 1:500. Executive survey helps to control the quality of the individual steps of construction and Assembly works. It allows you to determine how accurate was submitted project in nature, and also to trace all deviations from the project that were made during construction. The results of the Executive shooting affect Executive drawings and diagrams.

Engineering geodesy is an integral part of the construction works that should be performed only by certified professionals. With its help feature accurate terrain data, the characteristics of existing buildings in the study area. Our company will conduct geodetic works of any complexity in Kirovograd quickly, efficiently, providing accurate data.

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