Geodesy, to make the boundaries of the area, topographic surveys for design Kobiljak services Geology

the Earth can be investigated by different methods and from different angles, with an emphasis on those or other indicators. You can explore its surface,  the bowels, the particular location and other moments. They are all United in one concept - geodesy. One of the most important areas of study of the earth's surface is engineering geodesy. It involves the study of a particular area by special geodetic measurement devices.

Geodesy, to make the boundaries of the area, topographic surveys for design Kobiljak services Geology

Engineering geodesy involves different types of work. Diversity is manifested in the ways and methods of implementation, complexity of implementation and other factors. The entire array of procedures can be divided into two broad categories - work in the field and laboratory processing. Field work is the most basic. Practically each of the services is in the field study area. Only directly on the area you can get the most comprehensive set of information and examine the smallest and seemingly insignificant details.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Office processing involves the analysis of information obtained during the field work and preparation of various materials and documents. The results of in-house work are technical reports, maps, charts, plans, diagrams, drawings.

the Most popular geodetic works in Kobeliaky is an engineering and land surveying. Procedures, which are included in this block, without exaggeration, are key. In particular, this includes topographic survey in Kobeliaky - Central geodetic service. It is required for any event with a land plot for construction on it, redevelopment, reconstruction, landscaping. Special importance is given to the topographical mapping and topographical plan, when it comes to the preparation of the construction project. Without these procedures to start work on the project documentation is impossible. Completes the survey block misalignments with the finished project on the plot allocated for construction.

But in addition to engineering surveys also distinguished by many other processes that are also focused on research area:

  • cadastral surveying in Kobeliaky - allows you to get data on the boundaries andcoordinates
  • cadastral plan - reports obtained during the shooting information;
  • definition of boundaries in Kobeliaky or clarification - allows you to resolve disputed issues of demarcation;
  • calculation of the amount of excavation work in Kobeliaky - coordinates the actions of the builders at the most important stage - the excavation of the Foundation pit;
  • reconciliation of structural elements and its separate elements;
  • Executive survey of underground utilities in Kobeliaky
  • interim as-built survey of the structure and the final shot of the finished design
  • monitoring of deformations and deviations from building and operating rules objects in the course of their functioning;
  • geodetic activities on hydraulic and hydrological objects
  • geodetic activities at industrial facilities
  • work to update the existing geodetic and cartographic materials.  

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