Geodesy, topographic survey, the definition of land boundaries, Geology in the Region

Guild Engineering offers a wide range of surveying services in the city region, as well as throughout the Kharkiv region. We propose the implementation of such surveying: surveying and calculation of the amount of excavation work, center work and geodetic alignment of structures, conducting Executive and topographic surveys and maintain its accompanying graphic documentation, geodetic monitoring. And this is not the entire list of works performed by our surveyors in Krasnograd and Krasnograd area.

Geodesy, topographic survey, the definition of land boundaries, Geology in the Region

Geodesy is directly related to the measurements that are needed before and during construction works. This industry has the opportunity to millimeter accuracy of the transfer of the projects of buildings and constructions with the document in nature. Geodesy allows you to accurately calculate quantity of materials needed for construction activities to monitor the quality of each stage of construction and installation works, as well as to identify deviations from the project made during construction.

Geodetic works are of two types: field and office, each of which is performed using special equipment. Field include direct measurements of objects in the survey area, and office - preparation of drawings and reports on the results of the accomplished work. Surveyors of our company in their work using only modern specialized equipment. This allows maximum accuracy data to carry out geodetic works, saving time. Our company will gladly fulfill all geodetic work in Krasnograd and Kharkiv region.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Main line in modern geodesy is engineering geodesy or, as it is called, surveying in construction, which develops methods of geodetic measurements for the construction, design, alignment structures, and much more. Engineering surveys provide an opportunity to learn the most accurate information about the terrain, objects that are located in the study area. Engineering-geodetic surveys are the basis for design and also other research.

Order geodetic work in the Region, you can contact our Manager by phone listed on the website or chat with our specialist in online chat. We care about every customer, therefore we offer you the service request callback. Our experts will provide you with complete information and Orient the price in Region and Krasnograd area.

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