Geodetic works Pokrovsk

Every land has its own purpose. Some allotted for construction of a residential house or a shopping Mall, others will become industrial zone, and a third object agriculture. Designation of the site has a direct effect on the specifics of the plot.

Geodetic services, the definition of the boundaries of the land in Krasnoarmeysk, Geology, topographic survey M500

Research areas is the task of geodesy. Using geodetic methods, you can examine the characteristics of the terrain. In each case, emphasis is made individually. It all depends on the already mentioned purpose, the area of the site and plans of the owner and at the same time customers. These plans identify objectives - what will happen to this land plot. Perhaps you need to build a new facility or remodel the old one. And perhaps just to fix the data that characterized this area to the registration of the relevant documents.

In any case, none of the procedure of land surveying impossible. If the execution of land use documentation, we will need the following processes:

  • the establishment of boundaries, the imposition of boundaries in nature;
  • clarification of the boundaries of the site;
  • making the act of removal of boundaries in nature;
  • cadastral surveying of land;
  • development of the cadastral plan of the area.
  • Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Construction or reconstruction work suggest such geodetic procedures in Krasnoarmeysk:

  • topographic survey of the land plot at a scale of 1:500 in Krasnoarmeysk
  • topographic survey areas at other scales;
  • poderina shooting for landscaping and landscape design
  • the preparation of topographic maps at an appropriate scale;
  • count of the amount of excavation work in Krasnoarmeysk before the excavation of the trench;
  • transfer of a construction project on the area in Krasnoarmeysk and axial breakdown of the main and auxiliary axes;
  • reconciliation of structural elements, check the verticality, horizontal, alignment and other parameters;
  • interim Executive surveys in order to control the progress of the construction process;
  • final Executive survey in Krasnoarmeysk for entering into operation of the structure;
  • the preparation of Executive documentation;
  • fotos communication lines and systems, especially underground utilities.

Industrial facilities of various kinds have their geodesic features that also need to investigate and fix by means of such works:

  • the leveling of the individual elements of industrial premises and equipment (floors, runways, railway);
  • check the verticality of high-rise buildings, in particular chimneys;
  • the quantification of residues of commodity stocks in warehouses;
  • definition of volumes of minerals on mining objects;
  • surveying work on such structures as dams, weirs, reservoirs;
  • monitoring activities for the operation of industrial facilities in General, their individual components and hardware specific.
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