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PC is one of the administrative centers of the Poltava region, which is a number industrial facilities that require engineering controls. Among them oil, wagon, automobile Assembly, wheel factories and production facilities, which must be controlled by geodetic methods. But not only companies need to carry out geodetic works. Geodesy is also an integral part of any construction. Geodetic work directly related to the measurements.

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Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Kremenchug located by address Gogol street, 3. Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


Services in surveying, to make the boundaries of the site, services Geology in Kremenchug, topographic survey for design

p dir="ltr">Geodesy has two directions:

  • installation guidelines, which are necessary for carrying out the boundaries for construction works;
  • dimensions of objects that already exist. They need to plan and maps that specify their coordinates.
  • Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Geodetic measurements can be divided into:

  • cadastral survey. This survey is necessary to determine the boundaries of the property which are legal;
  • topographic survey. It carries out for the compilation of topographic maps and diagrams that show existing buildings, utility lines, landscaping, topography of the study area. The survey is both large and small scales. Most shooting is done at the scale of 1/500, popularly called peticote. When conducting surveying takes into account all the rules that are stipulated in the regulations, and topographic plan draw in accordance with conventional signs conventional. Topoplan is provided to the customer either electronically or on paper;
  • Executive survey. This survey is aimed at controlling the quality of construction. She held the end of each stage of installation, construction. Executive survey is necessary not only to establish how exactly was submitted project in nature, and to identify deviations in accordance with the project that were made during construction. The results of the data displayed on the graphical Executive documentation. Executive documentation may also be submitted on paper and electronically. Geodetic works include a sufficiently large range of surveying services, including alignment structures, the calculation of the volume of ground work, center work, creation of the center of the basis for construction work, the breakdown of the axes of buildings and structures, updating engineering plans, geodetic monitoring of the construction and much more.

Guild Engineering perform any geodetic work in Kremenchug efficiently providing accurate data. Our company employs only highly qualified specialists who are each suitable job competently and with great responsibility. In their work they use only modern equipment that allows to obtain the most accurate data during the geodetic measurements. Our company provides a range of surveying services, not only in Kremenchuk, but throughout the Poltava region.

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