Surveying Krynychky

Every land and every object it passes a number of stages of its existence. At the beginning of any site requires registration. Only having all the necessary documents, the owner may be, considered fully and start other treatments at its legal territory.

Geodetic works Well, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

As the rightful owner, the person may carry out any action is to unite and to divide the territory, to lease it or to give to someone. But most often on the land, the decision to build an object. This can be a residential building or a residential complex, the object of trading or infrastructure - whatever you want the owner.

in Addition to the construction of a new design have the ability to reconstruct the old. Because it is rare when the plot falls into the hands of a new owner in its purest form. Most often, it already has some buildings that do not always need to bear, and you can reschedule, reconstruct and create something new based on the old.

Upon completion of construction or renovation work comes the stage of exploitation. How long will this stage depends on the previous one.

Mandatory companion each of these stages performs engineering geodesy. Without her it is impossible to execute all necessary documents to start the key processes. At the stage of paperwork and legalization of land surveying includes such services as:

  • cadastral survey of the area and preparation of the cadastral plan in Krinichki. This procedure makes it possible to accurately determine the location of damage on the ground, its coordinates and boundaries
  • removal of boundaries in nature in Krinichki, the fixing of boundaries boundary marks and the drafting of the act;
  • clarify the boundaries of the property.

stage of construction and reconstruction is the most voluminous. It consists of the following procedures:

  • topographic survey and development of topoplan in Krinichki. The scale of the document may vary depending on your goals
  • calculation of the amount of excavation work in Krinichki
  • axial breakdown and transfer of the project from the paper to the construction site;
  • reconciliation of structures and individual elements in Krinichki;
  • as-built survey of structural elements and building as a whole, preparation of Executive documentation on the results of the shooting;
  • the study of communication networks in Krinichki.
  • Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

stage the operation also requires some surveying procedures, if the owner wants his object was durable and reliable. In particular, the following works:

  • monitoring the deformations of the key elements of the works;
  • revealing roll of chimneys and other tall structures;
  • definition of excess of one element over another by leveling surfaces
  • monitoring the operation of the waterworks;
  • monitoring the individual equipment of production facilities;
  • when it comes to this land, and not the real object on it, then its use may be a need to update its data by conducting fresh geodetic studies.

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