Surveying Kryvyi Rih

Surveying firm will perform any surveying work Krivoy Rog, namely the calculation of earthworks, raw materials, sand, overburden and mining, topographic survey at 1:500, split axes foundations, Executive survey columns, cadastral survey with thatcustom, the definition of the area, as well as work throughout the Dnipropetrovsk region

ground Measurements we perform according to the technical instructions and rules of geodesy and engineering surveying. Because Krivoy Rog industrial region, its territory many factories and enterprises, our company specializes in geodetic surveys, surveying, construction, computation of earth work volume calculations the volume of raw materials, determination of volumes of bulk materials, laying the axes of buildings or structures, transfer of the elevations on the bottom of the pit in Krivoy Rog, verification of geometrical parameters of the equipment and technological equipment, geodetic monitoring of deformations of buildings and structures in Krivoy Rog, survey of roads and Railways and driveways,  update of topographic plans of the factory works, industrial sites, quarries, mines, construction sites.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Geodetic work Krivoy Rog, calculation of volumes of raw materials, topographic survey of the site, splitting axes, Executive photography, shooting rail, pits, process equipment

Transfer of elevations on the mounting horizon needed in the construction of high-rise buildings, floors of buildings.

On the construction site for the surveyor a lot of work at the initial stage of the construction, namely:

  • need efficiently fix horizontal and vertical geodesic network, today this GPS satellite receivers and electronic total stations, which operate in conjunction with satellites and controllers, accurate geodetic control bail precision center work in the future and the more accurate geodetic control;
  • shooting borders, bringing them on the ground, it is from the boundary of the land to produce a breakdown of the axes of foundations and buildings, the calculation of the area of the site;
  • then gradually need to bring the axis of the column to check the verticality of the columns ,
  • Executive geodetic scheme,  and the Executive documentation in principle;
  • surveying work in the installation of process equipment have their feature both in terms of working in difficult and dangerous conditions, and require a very high accuracy of this type of work;
  • Executive survey performed by DBC and all  information is plotted graphically and for the building of the axes;
  • center work is performed from geodetic points whose coordinates are checked at each notch, and each time you reinstall the device;
  • geodetic alignment structures can be made as geometric methods and analytical;

To special geodetic works I refer:

  • surveying underground lines;
  • surveying shooting crane tracks in Krivoy Rog;
  • shooting cranes, crane girders;
  • leveling route;
  • topographic survey of large and small scale;
  • determination of the alignment of components;
  • geodetic survey of the facade before plating and reconstruction to calculate future materials;

Topographic mapping 1:500 in Krivoy Rog will show all the information about the plot, the differences of elevations, contours, buildings, underground cables, water lines, vertical shooting areas, poderina shooting for landscape design will show the position of each tree, its species, diameter, and height. Survey need for leases, design. Topographic plan is necessary for the electrical connections.

For the privatization of land and cadastral survey desired contour survey of buildings, coordination  points constructions, fences, turning points of the plot, Stakeout and restoration of boundaries and borders, if necessary, drawn up full technical report of the survey for the preparation of land management technical documentation on land production of cadastral survey technical report is the key to the correct inventory numbers and the correct coordinates of the turning points of the plot.

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