Surveying Kuybyshevo

Geodesy in Kuybyshevo represented by our company. After all, any locality consists of land plots and plots. And  each of these holdings should be properly investigated by surveying.

Services surveying, removal of boundaries, topographic survey scale 1 : 500 in kuibyshevo, Geology

Geodesy is the science focused on the study of the earth's surface and its separate elements. Depending on what elements are studied, highlighted various geodetic direction. One of such directions is engineering geodesy in Kuybyshevo. It develops methods used when conducting the same survey. Engineering and geodesy includes works that are performed on pre-design and design stages, the stage of construction of new facilities on the site, as well as during their operation.

the Most common trend in engineering geodesy  are engineering-geodesic surveys. Work included in the survey unit, are key. They allow you to explore the area thoroughly, identify the main parameters and indicators. Central service geodetic survey, topographic survey is. The study site by recording such information as the size of the territory, terrain, availability of real estate, water features or vegetation, ground and underground communications.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

depending on, for what purposes necessary topographic survey in Kuybyshevo, it may be implemented at different scales. When this is used in electronic equipment, so the result was much more accurate and reliable. As a result of this service acts as a topographic plan, which is using a special map symbols conveys  all the information.

Topographic survey are especially necessary when it comes to the development of the construction project. Another important item survey procedures is the migration project in nature. Not enough to make topoplan, we still have the same correctly transferred from the drawings to the site.

in Addition to surveying Kuybyshevo in the framework of engineering geodesy is allocated a number not less important procedures:

  • land survey work in Kuybyshevo required for registration of documents for land surveying, removal of boundaries in nature;
  • the calculation of the amount of excavation of mass, which determines the appropriateness of one or another type of earthworks, as well as the financial side of the issue;
  • a breakdown of the main and auxiliary axes of the structure;
  • Executive survey design in the construction process and its completion
  • Executive geodetic survey of underground utilities;
  • reconciliation of construction elements;
  • leveling work in Kuybyshevo
  • regular monitoring of structures and facilities during their operation in order to identify deviations from the construction standards and deformation processes;
  • the determination of the level of stocks of raw materials in warehouses or in areas where mining operations are conducted on the extraction of minerals;
  • work with water bodies;
  • the preparation of new and renovation of old cartographic materials.

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