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Any land, in whatever locality he was and no matter the size, requires careful analysis. Especially when it comes to build it. Only a comprehensive study will provide an opportunity to identify all of the terrain to determine the advantages and disadvantages. And in this respect only geodesy gives an in-depth and detailed measurement of the plot, explore its quantitative and qualitative characteristics.

Services in surveying, to make the boundaries of the area, Geology, topographic survey for design in Ligovka

Surveying is a science in which highlights a number of areas. One of them is engineering. Engineering geodesy provides the opportunity to undertake the procedures that precede and accompany the construction or renovation process. The main task of geodesy associated with construction is to collect and provide the maximum amount of accurate information, which will form the basis of a construction project.

for this purpose is a set of procedures, which together are called geodetic survey. It is exploratory work and help to develop the project and to implement it in practice. The most important survey is the process of surveying. The study of land on a number of indicators. In particular, we study the parameters of the area, its size, the terrain, the location of buildings on the site, and the presence and location of the communication lines. Topographic survey may be conducted for various purposes. And based on the goals selected scale. However, if we are talking about the survey, pre-procedure, in this case it must be made on a scale of 1:500.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

with the survey Results are processed and sets out on a topographic map of appropriate scale. In this graphical document using a special notation displays all the data that were obtained during the shooting.

Mandatory element of geodetic surveys transfer is ready and approved project to the construction site.

On this surveying activity continues. It was also distinguished by a number of processes and services, which we provide in Ligovka:

  • land surveying activities surveying, defining the boundaries of the territory plan and other technical documentation
  • Executive work in Ligovka - conduct Executive surveying of underground utilities when their tab as well as the implementation of Executive surveys during the construction process and upon its completion, the development of supporting documentation;
  • accompanying construction work in Ligovka - the calculation of the amount of excavation work, alignment of structures;
  • work at industrial sites - check the verticality of high-rise buildings, calculation of residues of raw materials and minerals in Ligovka, work associated with the construction of new roads and Railways;
  • work at water facilities - the monitoring of the operation of reservoirs, dams and other waterworks;
  • working with cartographic materials - their actualization and replacement of legacy data with new data.

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