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Guild Engineering will perform a number of geodetic works in the city of Lozova, as well as throughout the Kharkiv region. Lozovaya ranks second in population after Kharkov, Ukraine in Kharkiv region. This city is the industrial center of Slobozhanshchina, in which a lot of enterprises of machine-building, light and food industries. For anybody not a secret that any industrial facility requires from time to time, the engineering and geodetic control. But not only industrial facilities require geodetic intervention.

Geodetic services, removal of boundaries of the site, services Geology in Lozovoy, topographic surveys for design

Geodesy is the manufacturing sector, which is associated with the measurement and which can not do without any construction. Distinguish between field and office surveying work. During the field measurements are of interest, and during off-site processing of the results of field work that is carried on the drawings and reports.

Cost of specialist from 1 900 UAH for the object

Surveying work can be divided into these types:

  • engineering geodesy. This is the main direction of geodesy. Engineering geodesy studies methods of geodetic measurements to be carried out to survey, design and construction, the alignment structures. Engineering-geodetic surveys provide an opportunity to obtain accurate information about the terrain and situation of the study site;
  • topographic survey. It involves a complex geodesic operations that are performed on the investigated section for further mapping and plans. The topographic survey is a large scale (1/200 - 1/5000) and small (1/10000 and smaller). Ox the shooting time are measured in real estate, communications, landscaping located within the study area;
  • Executive survey. This survey is necessary for quality control of construction works. Executive survey is carried out on completion of each stage of the construction works. When construction is completed, control is performed Executive survey. The results indicate on as-built documentation. Executive survey allows not only to carry out the quality control, but also to identify the defects introduced during construction of a building or structure;
  • center. One such piece is the breakdown of the axes of the buildings or facilities when making project in nature.

the Specialists of our company will hold any surveying work in the city of Lozova and efficiently. During execution of works, our surveyors use of modern technological equipment, which receive the most accurate data during the geotechnical exploration. To order our services in willow, you can contact the Manager at the phone number given on our website or sending a message in an online chat with our consultant.

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