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no matter How you tried to pass some moments during the registration of land documents, preparation of the land for building or to use, you don't get around surveying procedures. They are escorted to your site and your real estate throughout the period of operation.

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Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Lutsk is located at the address Kovel's'ka str., 22. Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


Geodetic services, the definition of land boundaries, topographic survey scale 1 : 500 in Lutsk, Geology

Geodesy is a branch of science that involves the study of the earth's surface. But to fully research your land enough of such geodetic branch of engineering geodesy. Especially if the plot will be built. It is engineering geodesy is responsible for all of the procedures that will need during the construction process. Why is it necessary? Yes, in geodesy there are a number of works that can be ignored, wanting to save money. However, the majority of the work is mandatory procedures, without which the land is not to go through the stage of design and construction project - stage approval.

So, a mandatory procedure when making land use documentation will cadastral surveying and subsequent preparation of the same plan. Without such technical documentation to legalize and register the plot is not possible.

Without topographic survey also impossible to do. This procedure, which is not ignored. The survey equally as topographic plan, drawn up by its results, is the key to a successful project. These topographic data form the basis of project documentation.

Cost of specialist from 1 900 UAH for the object

And here's another important geodetic procedure Executive survey is quite controversial in terms of obligation. Executive survey can be of several types. Among them mandatory direction is the final shot of the finished structure. Without documentation of an Executive nature, which is compiled on the basis of survey, it is impossible to pass the object into operation and to obtain the permit. There is another important Executive direction - survey of underground utilities. With the aid of this service is the ability to understand, correctly or not installed communication lines and how they are arranged.

And here is the interim Executive survey may be omitted and the customer. It's not a chore, but very relevant. It is the interim Executive monitoring provides the ability to monitor the construction process and to identify discrepancies with the project.

in Addition to these imaging procedures in geodesy and there are others that we are ready to perform in Lutsk:

  • definition or specification of the borders of the territory in Lutsk
  • count of the amount of excavation work in Lutsk
  • transfer project in nature, breakdown of the axes of the future building;
  • reconciliation structures in Lutsk
  • leveling surfaces in Lutsk
  • definition of verticality and the availability of roll-rise structures;
  • updating existing image data;
  • surveying of roads in their construction;
  • surveying the railway;
  • detection of deformations on the objects during their operation;
  • monitoring of industrial equipment.

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