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Geodesy - an industry associated with the measurements on the ground. Is an integral part of the construction works. With the help of geodesy projects of buildings and constructions are transferred from paper into nature millimeter accuracy, are calculated the volume of the materials, the control over observance of geometrical parameters of structures. Also finds application in mining for calculation of blasting and volumes.

Geodetic works is a wide range of services, which are performed using special equipment.
Geodetic works are divided into the field and office.
Field - direct measurement of field objects.
Cameral processing results of geodetic dimensions, drafting, reporting on the work done.

Cost of specialist from 1 900 UAH for the object

you Can geodetic work be divided into:

  • Engineering geodesy, (geodesy in construction)
    of the main directions of modern geodesy. Engineering geodesy develops methods of geodetic measurements for survey, design, construction and operation of engineering structures, aligning structures, deformation structures. Topographical survey for the design, and eventually making project vnature Geodesy, removal of boundaries of the site, geological samples of soil, topographic survey in Lugansk called engineering research. Engineering-geodesic surveys allow to get information about the relief and the situation of the area and serve as the basis not only to design, but also for other types of research and surveys. During researches, we perform works on creation of geodetic studies and surveys on different scales on the construction site, produced tracing linear structures, surveying the binding of all objects.
  • Great importance geodetic measurements in the design and construction hydraulic structures - dams, reservoirs of hydropower plants, shipping locks, water and vodopostach constructions. Measured sediment hydraulic structures and the monitoring of their technical according to the state are conducted in the process, and at the end of works. This is not a complete list of the range of tasks performed by the engineering geodesy.

  • Counting earthworks Calculation of the amount of excavation works are necessary to reasonably choose methods and means of their implementation, to establish the need for otvodki or distribution removed from the pits and trenches in ground at a location nearby and its subsequent use for the device back fillings, to determine the cost and duration of excavation works. Calculation of the amount of excavation work is performed during the design process and the production of works.
  • Geodetic work.Topographical mapping M500 in Lugansk
    the Breakdown of axes of buildings or structures is the main type of surveying in the making project on the landscape. To make the axis on site - no problem. It is necessary not just to secure the axis of the building or the axis of the column and fix it so that it was convenient to use without additional costs. For example, why should the axis of the column, then the wizard used to mark the corners from these axes, if you can stand right corner of the column for installation of formwork, etc. the TA.

  • Geodetic reconciliation designs
    To make the boundaries of the area in Lugansk From the tasks and types of mounted equipment depends selection or development of methods geodesic maintenance, selection of the necessary geodetic equipment. Installation or mounting of constructions and technological equipment in design position is in plan and in height. To expose the metal structure or equipment is not always sufficient to specify its exact location, and then set vertically. Often you need to use special methods for the speediest cast metal structures or equipment in design position, and also determine the most critical elements. In addition, during operation of the equipment specified vertical position, horizontal position or the alignment of its elements can be violated as a result of ageing. For timely the identification of such malfunctions need planned geodetic inspection of the equipment and its basic geometrical parameters.
  • Executive surveys and technical documentation maintenance
    Geodetic services Lugansk The main purpose of the Executive surveys is to establish the accuracy of the sentencing project structures in nature and identify any deviations from the project, made in the process of construction. This is achieved by special geodetic measurements on the basis of which receive the actual coordinates specific points that differ from the project. Executive surveys conducted in the process of construction as of the end of its separate stages and completed the final shot of the finished structure. The results of control measurements carried the diagrams special geodetic documentation. The Executive documentation is the result of Executive geodetic survey and can be submitted both on paper and in electronic form. It reflects the actual execution of design solutions, that is the actual state of the object of capital construction and its elements. Executive schemes are based requirements of effective normative documents.
  • Topographic surveysServices Geology Lugansk Topographic mapping is a complex of geodesic works carried out on the ground to compose topographic maps and plans. There are shooting to compose topographic maps of large scale(1:200, 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000) and small (1:10000, 1:25,000 and smaller). Taking and reflection on topographic plans are subject to all the elements of the situation of the area, the existing construction, landscaping, communications, as well as relief. Topographic plan can be presented to the customer on paper and in electronic form. Topoplan is deleted in accordance with generally accepted conventional signs and topographical mapping is subject to the rules that are stipulated in the regulations.
    To the landscaping of the area and also for landscape design you must do the following terms.
    • three dimensional geodesic network
    • topographical surveys, surveys of the underground communications and boundaries.
    • Bind structures and buildings and drawing upon the results of the leveling profiles according to the available about'the object railway tracks or roads and tracing of new roads.
    If the site is large, it must be divided into separate sectors. First of all, there should be survey (horizontal). When the horizontal ground survey is the profile of this territory, and at a vertical relief. Then make a plan and built up undeveloped areas (in order to determine the location of landings and future buildings on the plot).

Our company will be happy to fulfill the whole list of services in Lugansk:
here is a rough rates.

  • creation of geodetic center network (fundamentals) for construction;
  • topographical survey of the site or the site in Lugansk;
  • the definition of the area or the calculation of the volume of earthworks;
  • fotos of the facade of the building and the breakdown during installation of a hinged facade;
  • geodesic breakdown of axes of a building or highway engineering services;
  • switch elevations on the bottom of the pit and onto the mounting horizons;
  • Executive geodetic survey of the finished structures and objects;
  • preparation of Executive geodetic documentation;
  • definition of rolls chimneys and other tall structures;
  • the geodesic mapping works;
  • definition of volumes of bulk materials and quarrying;
  • geodesic breakdown of axes of a building or highway engineering services;
  • geodetic survey and reconciliation of crane runways of different types of cranes;
  • Stakeout main, basic and auxiliary axes of buildings and structures;
  • surveying, including a survey of underground and above-ground facilities;
  • update of topographic plans;
  • reconnaissance survey of the territory (water area) surveys;
  • engineering and geodesic support of geoinformation systems;
  • identify full and effective length of Railways stations;
  • desktop and field routing of linear objects Zaporozhye;
  • coordinate of the main elements of constructions and their external measurements;
  • geodetic works for transference in nature and binding mine workings;
  • geodetic marking works in the process of construction;
  • Executive survey of engineering communications;
  • geodetic works during installation and check of vertical position of columns;
  • geodetic survey railway tracks are not for General use;
  • the production of the plan and profile rail is not for General use;
  • topographic poderevnaya sensing for landscape design;
  • geodesic breakdown of axes of temporary and permanent roads;
  • Stakeout and restoration of boundary marks plots;
  • update of topographic plans;
  • switch project in nature with the preparation of the relevant act;
  • geodetic monitoring of deformations of buildings and constructions;
  • * office processing of field geodetic materials surveys;
  • preparation of the technical report and the explanatory notes;
  • shooting existing Railways and motor roads;
  • define the dimensions of approach structures on the railroad tracks;
  • update the topographic base (topography) on the results of exploration works;
  • geodetic control of accuracy of geometrical parameters;
  • local geodetic monitoring of construction site;
  • geodetic works during installation of technological equipment Lugansk;
  • geodetic works on defining the nature of the hidden underground structures.

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