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Lviv is famous for its history, traditions and attractions. It is known for the fact that it performs its activity our company. We cover the complete geodesic segment. Any services geodesic character that you want to spend on your site, we will without difficulty and problems.

Contacts in Lviv:

Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Lviv is located at the street, 11/19 of.4. Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


Geodesy, determination of land boundaries, Geology of the land in Lviv, topographic survey

In the framework of General geodesy among the many scientific branches, one in which we specialize - engineering geodesy. This work, undertaken to explore the land plot for construction, reconstruction and other similar procedures.

Geodetic procedures accompany the site throughout the duration of its use. A set of processes may vary. Overall, there are several stages of the study areas. In the early - stage processing of documents, the so-called land management. Further, if we are talking about the construction of some object on the land, predesign stage at which conducted the survey. During the construction itself is a whole range of individual procedures and calculations excavation and marking works, and reconciliation. The stage is completed Executive survey in Lviv. The next stage is exploitation. So the object was durable, it needs to monitor and be on the lookout strain.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

a Detailed list of our services in Lviv is a such a list:

  • geodetic network under construction in Lviv;
  • topo shooting land in Lviv, topographical plan;
  • calculation of the amount of excavation work in Lviv
  • work on the quantitative definition of information, in particular, the area of the site;
  • marking works during construction;
  • a breakdown of communication networks;
  • transfer marks on the construction site;
  • interim Executive survey;
  • Executive summary shooting in Lviv
  • development Executive documents;
  • measurement procedures
  • geodetic work in mines, in particular, determine the volume of commodity stocks;
  • detection roll of high-rise buildings in Lviv
  • marking works on communication object
  • leveling and geodetic control for crane tracks;
  • the upgrade work topographic plans in Lviv
  • the identification of quantitative data (length) relative to Railways;
  • geodetic works on the linear facilities;
  • monitoring activities in the operation of facilities and equipment;
  • monitoring the progress of the construction process;
  • work at mines - order in nature;
  • definition of vertical structural members;
  • poderina shooting in large scale for landscaping (landscape design);
  • marking works during the construction of highways;
  • definition of boundaries in Lviv and install boundary markers;
  • development of technical reports and other documents geodetic nature;
  • geodetic monitoring equipment installation.

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