Surveying Mahdalynivka

The Specialists of the Engineering Guild will geodetic works in Magdalinovka, but also in other villages of the Dnipropetrovsk region. Among a wide range of surveying services offered by our company are: topographic survey, Executive survey, the breakdown of the axes of the buildings, cadastral works, marksheiderskaya photography, design, removal of boundaries in nature, and so on

Geodetic services, removal of borders, the Geology of the land, topographic survey M500 in Magdalinovka

Geodesy is the branch of production, which is associated with measurements on site. It is an integral part of any construction. Engineering geodesy is the main direction of this industry. Engineering-geodetic surveys mean the whole complex of geodetic and topographical works, which are carried out sequentially in accordance with the governing documentation. Surveying work can be performed in different sequences when performing various surveying tasks. The sequence of operations depends on the job and physiographic features of the study area.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Engineering-geodesic surveys are carried out in several stages. In the first, preparatory stage, collected and analysed archival documentation, study technical job, collect the documents necessary for the implementation of construction works. The next stage is called a eld. In this phase included all engineering and geodetic surveys, with which surveyors receive the most accurate information in the study areas planned for development. The third stage, office, assumes the data collected during the field phase data. At this time, reports, drawings are drawn on the basis of the obtained results.

Geodetic surveys include a set of measures necessary for the implementation of construction works, and to update the special plans of various types and purposes. The company Guild Engineering conducts the control of the Executive survey, which allows you to completed the stage of installation, construction  to exercise control over the quality of the submitted project in nature, and identify deviations made during construction.

Our experts during operation, use the latest technological equipment, which receive the most reliable and accurate data. To order in Magdalinovka geodetic services company Guild Engineering, you will need to contact our Manager by phone listed on the website. He will provide full information about geodetic works carried out by the company the Engineering Guild.

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