Surveying Manganese

If the city is a major regional centre, and there, accordingly, presents more opportunities to choose the executor of certain services. City have less and less opportunities. Our company is constantly expanding the geography of its activities, offering their services in ever-greater number of settlements. One of the cities is Manganese. Its residents can benefit from our assistance in resolving any geodetic issues manganese. Because surveying is an integral part of any land and immovable object, regardless of their location.

Services in surveying, to make the boundaries of the area in manganese, topographic survey, geological samples of soil

Geodetic work involves the study of a particular territory in order to identify one or another of its features. Often we are talking about geographical, quantitative indicators - dimensions, area, coordinates. However, in addition to quantitative information are investigated and quality. Everything associated with the object or area must be identified by surveying procedures. Only their set can be different depending on the goals set by the customer to the performers.

regardless of what tasks faced by surveyors, and what work they will perform, required several conditions. The execution of these terms will be able to guarantee the correct and high quality results. It is the professionalism of the specialists themselves, and also work with special equipment. The observance of these conditions puts the cornerstone of our company.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

geodetic procedures manganese there are two main stages - field and office. On the field  the stage of the work conducted at the facility or on the site. And at the laboratory stage they are transferred to the workplace of the surveyor, where he has the appropriate software for processing of the obtained results.

Often geodesy aims to meet the needs of building process in the manganese. However, before moving on to the construction site, it is necessary to put in order all the documents related to the land. For this you need to perform a number of land management:

  • defining the boundaries of the site;
  • if necessary, the removal of these boundaries in nature with the help of boundary markers;
  • specification of the borders;
  • cadastral survey and subsequent preparation of the cadastral plan of the territory.

If all documents are in order and land use issues do not need, you can go directly to the site. First of all, you need to learn when  using topographic surveys. It will give the most complete data about the site, information about its parameters, topography, location of all real estate, water resources, green space, communication systems. According to the results of the topographical survey plan is drawn up, which is the basis of the construction project.

On the construction site need to perform the following procedures:

  • calculate earthwork volume, to determine the financial part of the construction works;
  • to spend a breakdown of the main and additional axes and to move the project on the site;
  • explore communication system using surveying;
  • to carry out the alignment of the structural elements - their vertical position, horizontal position, axial compliance;
  • to monitor the progress of construction with the help of interim Executive surveys;
  • run leveling work, especially if we are talking about industrial objects;
  • hold control Executive filming finished object and compile the necessary documents;
  • to monitor the operation of the facility and conduct regular test work design in General and its basic parts.

And conducting field work, and subsequent processing of the data our company manganese holds, guided by the most progressive methods.

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