Geodetic works Mariupol

Any land, regardless of size, is subject to geophysical survey. Geodetic works are works that are aimed at measuring the earth's surface. Their goal is the creation of topographic maps of the land, schemes, plans, which are needed for design in construction and inclusion of parcels in the cadastral registry. Without surveying not only the construction process of buildings and structures, but also carrying out various operations associated with the land. These operations include the purchase and sale of land, make a donation, transfer in heredity and many others. For whatever goals you need the specific conduct geodetic works in Mariupol or any other city in the Donetsk region, we will abide by them by giving data with millimeter precision.

Geodesy, determination of land boundaries, Geology in Mariupol, topographic survey for design

Geodesy in Mariupol is our specialty. The company "Guild of Engineering" will provide surveying services in Mariupol, including:

  • topographic survey in Mariupol
  • applying red lines on a topographic plan;
  • clarify area of a land plot in Mariupol
  • removal project in nature in Mariupol
  • leveling the surface in Mariupol
  • tracing and line of work in Mariupol
  • calculation of earthwork, etc.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

topographical Survey of the land plot is the most popular service. It is a measurement for the further preparation of topographic maps and charts. Topographical survey is various scales that depend on the purposes for which the necessary topographic maps and charts. The most common "'ll think" - topographic survey of the 1/500 scale. The survey provides a benchmark for laying communication and utilities necessary for the construction process of buildings and structures, as well as the design of master plans.

Another important shooting during the construction process is the Executive. Using her control over the quality of the sentencing project in nature with the design documentation. Executive survey be conducted upon completion of each stage of installation and construction works. The results of these works are compiled as-built documentation that can be submitted both in electronic form and on paper. The establishment of a geodetic framework is the basis for geodetic support during the work on the construction of a building or structure.

Geodetic framework is carried out in several stages. During the first stage is the basic breakdown. the second stage consists in the detailed construction of breakdown. The third stage is the breakdown of technological axes of the equipment.

Trusting our company exercise certain geodetic works, you can be sure in quality and efficient.

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