Surveying Boundary

Who faced geodesy, certainly, understands the importance of this science to conduct construction. And knows that neglecting it can lead to irreversible consequences. Geodesy is the science that is directly related to the measurement of the earth's surface. She has a lot of areas, the main of which are engineering-geodesic surveys. They are popular especially during the design and construction of buildings and structures. And on how well gramotno they are made, depends on the quality of the building object. It is very important to time the execution of geodetic works, depends on the schedule of installation and construction works. The company "Guild of Engineering" are responsible surveyors who conduct efficiently and on time all the necessary engineering-geodesic surveys in Boundary.

Engineering geodesy in the construction is performed in several stages:

  • the design stage. It includes several types of work. The first is engineering and land surveying. They include a range of study areas. With engineering surveys any construction begins. The second type of work - topographic survey. It is a complex of works aimed at measuring angles, heights and distances. Then, topographical plan, which shows the terrain, ground and underground utilities and natural objects.
  • the preparatory stage of construction. It includes the creation of a layout, the breakdown of the axes, the breakdown of the pit and planning.
  • the main phase of construction. During this stage are going to make project in nature, geometric software installation and construction works. Upon completion of each stage of the construction process is conducted Executive survey, which helps to control the quality of the sentencing project in nature, and to identify the mistakes made during construction. On the basis of the obtained results is the Executive documentation.
  • the final stage of construction. During this phase shall be prepared and submitted technical reports, which indicate the results of geodetic works carried out during the construction process. Equally important is the role of the drafting of the Executive of the General plan.
  • Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Geodetic services, the definition of the boundaries of land Surveying, topographic mapping scale of 1 to 500, Geology of the land

Geodesy is not limited to one building. It is also necessary for the implementation of various operations with the land. Also it has its relevance in the argument between neighbours over the border of the plot. The reasons for carrying out geodetic works very much. Our company will provide the whole range surveying services land Surveying of any complexity. You need a topographic survey in Surveying? Our specialists will perform it efficiently and quickly. You need conducting Executive survey? Through years of experience and we will manage the task easily and quickly. What you need geodetic service, we are always happy to help. The quality of implementation in geodesy land Surveying our staff you will be satisfied.

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