Surveying work and Reclamation

Every piece of land needs to be measured, regardless of whether you plan on it to carry out construction work, or to produce the planning area, or else you need to define the boundaries of the land. All these measurements is engaged in geodesy, which is a complex of works spanning several departments of skilled professionals. Surveying is carried out in two phases of work: field and laboratory. During the first necessary measurements are made on the ground. The Desk phase is a complex of works on processing of data obtained as a result of the field. During this phase shall be documented drawings, prepared maps and charts.

All work should be performed only by qualified surveyors. Such are the experts of the company "Guild of Engineering", who will perform geodetic works in Reclamation, regardless of the complexity of the task. Years of experience has allowed us to collect only the best surveyors who are competent and responsible attitude to their work.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

We offer geodetic services in Reclamation:

  • land survey work in Reclamation
  • topographical survey in Reclamation
  • Executive survey and maintenance of as-built documentation in Reclamation
  • geodesic alignment structures;
  • performing the measurement of geodetic works;
  • conduct surveys of roads and Railways;
  • the Stakeout of buildings and structures;
  • calculation of the volume of excavation in the land Reclamation and more.

Services in surveying, to make the boundaries of the area, geological samples of soil in land Reclamation, topographic survey scale 1 : 500

a Service that is very popular among our customers, is the topographic survey. It is a complex measuring operations carried out for the further compilation of topographic schemes and plans. This survey can be of different scales. Most commonly used scale of 1 to 500, which is also called "'ll think". According to the results of the survey is created topoplan. On Topolanek display symbols the following elements: terrain, overhead and underground utilities, as well as items that are placed in the survey area. Topographic map may be provided both on paper and in electronic form. The need for topographic survey may occur for the design or construction of engineering structures.

the Company "Guild of Engineering" provides topographical survey in Reclamation:

  • to plan large scale;
  • reliefs, regardless of complexity;
  • overhead and underground utilities;
  • poderino the topographical map.

to order geodesy in Reclamation need to contact our Manager the telephone number listed on the website. Our specialists work quickly, providing data with millimeter precision.

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