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Geodetic works do not bypass any construction site. But geodetic measurements are needed not only for the construction work, and for the transaction of sale of land, registration of the deed, heritage and when there is a dispute about the boundaries of the land. You can cite a lot of examples of what is geodesy, and, unfortunately, many will know what it is, only when they are confronted with the necessity of its implementation.

Geodetic services, removal of boundaries in Melitopol, geological samples of soil, topographic survey

geodesy is a complex of works aimed at the measurement location. Geodetic works are carried out in two stages. Field stage involves performing measurements, measurements. During the execution of this stage surveyors must be very careful not to make mistakes that can cause irreversible consequences. The second stage is called the Desk. During this stage, work is being carried out with data obtained as a result of field work. If during the field phase of the work was carried out on the land, off - site in the office. Prepared various geodetic documentation - maps, plans, diagrams.

the Company "Guild of Engineering" will carry out geodetic works in Melitopol and Melitopol district of any complexity. We are happy to perform for you topographical survey of the land plot in Melitopol, the engineering geodesy in Melitopol, let volume of earthworks in Melitopol, hold geodetic alignment of structures in Melitopol and more. We have collected only the best qualified employees who will perform any surveying work efficiently and quickly. Order our geodetic service and you will be satisfied with the quality of work.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Among geodetic works, which are performed by the company "Guild, Engineering," the most popular are the topographical survey. They can be conducted on location and on the construction site of a building or structure. During engineering surveys carried out topographical works. The survey allows us to determine the exact coordinates of the location of the proposed construction is necessary to obtain information about the situation of the terrain and topographic surveying materials. According to the data obtained during the topographic survey, prepared topographic maps and diagrams showing the terrain and the objects placed on it, ground and underground utilities. Such documentation may be issued both on paper and in electronic form. Most topographic survey is carried out in the 1/500 scale. This scale is the most popular. Our surveyors will conduct engineering-geodesic surveys in Melitopol efficiently and on time, providing a competently written documentation.

it is Impossible to underestimate the importance of the survey. They are a very important step during the construction, so they need to trust only experienced surveyors. These are the specialists of our company. If geodesy in Melitopol is held by our company, the quality of work you can be sure.

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