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Geodesy in mihailovka is necessary not only for the construction of buildings and structures. On any land, regardless of whether it is located in the city or suburbs, sooner or later it is necessary to conduct geodetic surveying. The reasons can be countless, starting from the definition of boundaries of the land leveling and finishing.  Our company will conduct survey work in mihailovka of any complexity and for any purpose.

Geodetic services, the definition of land boundaries, topographic survey, geological soil samples in Mikhailovka

Geodesy is the science that is associated with the measurement of the earth's surface and is an integral part of any construction. Surveying work is divided into two stages: field and office. During the field measurements are carried out on the ground, and cameral implies the preparation of reports, maps, plans, diagrams and drawings based on the data obtained during the field phase. "the Guild of Engineering" - surveying company with years of experience, will conduct the full spectrum of geodetic works in mihailovka. Features:

  • topographic survey in mihailovka. This type of work necessary for the further preparation or updating of topographic maps. Topographic surveys are exposed to overhead and underground utilities, topography and terrain situation, landscaping, and buildings located in the survey area. Topographical survey is large and small scales, depending on the purposes for which it is carried out. The final stage is making a topographic plan. It can be submitted electronically and on paper. Our experts will conduct topographical survey in mihailovka with all the rules specified in the instructions, and topographic documentation will make with generally accepted conventional signs;
  • Executive survey in mihailovka. This kind of surveying should be carried out on completion of each stage of installation and construction works. This survey is carried out to monitor the quality of the sentencing project in nature and to identify all existing deviations from the project made during the construction process. According to the data compiled as-built documentation;
  • breakdown of the axes of buildings and structures in mihailovka. Such surveying work performed in making project in nature.
  • count of the amount of excavation work in mihailovka. It is necessary to properly choose methods and means for their implementation. such work is performed when carrying out design and construction works;
  • surveying work in the Assembly and installation of the plant equipment in mihailovka.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

to Carry out surveying work required with the use of special tools and equipment that will allow you to obtain accurate information about the objects and the target area. Our surveyors use when conducting engineering surveys innovative technological equipment that allows us to obtain the most accurate data.

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